Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake Havasu on Trick Powerboat

As soon as the counter tops in our kitchen were (completely) installed, we packed our bags and were soon out on Lake Havasu the next morning on our new boat. Custom built by Trick Powerboats in Kentucky, she was finally sitting gloriously in the driveway of our home in Nevada. We named her, "Turning Tricks".
This weekend in Havasu would be my first time riding on the boat (Johnny had a couple chances to ride it on Lake Mead since its arrival) so I was nervous in anticipation of experiencing the ride first-hand. I had heard from Johnny that the ride was smoother on this catamaran-style boat versus the v-hull that we previously had. Turning Tricks is technically 2 feet shorter than our last boat so I was hesitant to buy into the smooth ride just yet.
The moment we hit the open waters of the Colorado River, I was simply impressed by how still the ride was despite the white caps on the surface of the water that windy day. There was also a lot of boat traffic on the water so we had rollovers to pass. Despite conditions that were the perfect formula for a rough ride, we glided across the water like ice skaters on ice.

Riding this watercraft was different, from the sound of the outboard engine, feel of the ride, muted looks of the gel coat and storage space of this sleek boat--it was definitely a good experience.
After speeding back and forth across the river, we settled in the boat channel near the London Bridge to relax with other friends from HotBoat who had also moored in the channel. We had so much fun and I am looking forward to our next ride on Turning Tricks.

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