Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kitchen: Reinstallation of Appliances

The countertop and sink have been completely installed.

The new range and dishwasher were delivered yesterday morning.
(You can sort of see them in the photo below.)
John and Maggie came over in the afternoon to help us redo all the piping for the sink and hook up the dishwasher since the old plumbing was torn out in the demolition. Maggie brought over dinner: fresh garden salad, a loaf of nutty bread with a crunchy crust, and the most delicious bowtie casserole ever!!

We cannot wait to finish the plumbing and have a functional kitchen again. Then we will have the task of putting everything back in the drawers and cabinets before we can start painting and installing the stainless steel hardware. But first...(even though we've avoided using dishes and glasses and switched to paper and plasticware) we still have quite a few dishes to wash so that machine will be running for days!

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