Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Costanza -- like George!

When I got married, I changed my last name to Costanza with a little relief that my married last name would be easier to spell for others than my maiden last name which had 13 letters and few people knew how to pronounce on the first try. (It never fit on my driver's license and I hated filling in bubbles on scantrons for timed tests.)

Little did I know that "Costanza" would often be mistaken for "Constanza" with an "n" before the "s".

I couldn't find your name in the directory.

Your email (
came back to me undeliverable.
Hmm ... let's see, oh--that's because Constanza is not my last name!

It never bothered me when people spelled my maiden name wrong. I kind of expected that because it had so many letters. But people could always find me in the directory and successfully sent me emails. Maybe since that last name was so unique, people made sure they had the correct spelling before sending me an email. It was also easy to spot in the directory because it was so long, it stuck out like sore thumb.

So now when I spell my married last name, I always say, "C-O-S (pause) T-A-N (pause) Z-A ... like George". (For now, most people know George from Seinfield but I am not sure what I will do when Seinfield is a thing of the past.)

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