Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home for SALE in Spokane, WA

Gigantic home at the edge of town with beautifully landscaped yard and great view: Purchase to live in or as an investment property.

I use to live there when I was in college. Great place for a family and to raise kids (not much of a singles life). Spokane is on the East side of Washington state and, unlike the damp and overcast weather of Seattle, has four distinct seasons. The nearest lake is Coeur d'Alene. Outdoor activities include dirt bike riding, rubber tubing down the rivers, camping, hiking, picking fresh fruit at the many orchards, and in the winter, there is skiing at Mt. Spokane nearby and tons of other resorts just a few hours away.

The Exterior:

The View:

The Gardens:

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Annejelynn said...

I can't believe their GORGEOUS home hasn't sold yet - - if I were there, it'd be mine! I swear!