Thursday, August 30, 2007


I could hear the choir sing, "Hallelujah!" the moment I turned on the kitchen faucet. Out water flowed and splashed against the stainless steel sink...and drained down the pipes beneath.
For weeks we drained glasses in the bathroom sink and washed vegetables and dishes using the shop sink in the garage. Because soft water runs through most of the water outlets in the house, we refilled the Brita water pitcher in the shop sink.

There was a week when there was no sink. Just a gaping hole in the counter. Then the sink was installed but did not have any plumbing--not a drop of water was trickling out of a faucet nor could I drain anything because it would all end up in the cavity of the cabinet underneath.

With the help of John and Maggie, the guys finally finished the plumbing and installation of the dishwasher. (We ran the first load of drinking glasses and they have never been so sparkly, clear and clean! The dishwasher was so quiet, it sometimes sounded like a gurgling stomach when we could hear anything.)

At first I was scared to pour any water down the sink because I had trained myself not to when the sink didn't have plumbing. But I have never been so happy to be able to hand wash mixing bowls, cutting boards, and--anything in the sink!

I simply cannot wait to go home and wash more things!!

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Amy S said...

The kitchen looks great! I could even imagine that "Halleluja choir" singing for you when I looked at the picture. Hooray for you!!!