Thursday, August 02, 2007

Express Boob Jobs

I bet that a lot of women wish that they can shift the fat (that is if they have ANY fat) from certain places on their body like, oh let's say the trouble spots (tush, thighs, and stomach) to elsewhere on their body where fat may be more desirable such as their lips or breasts. I know I did. But since that wasn't a reality for me, I chose saline implants. And it was the best elective surgery I've had besides LASIK.

Then I read this article called, Lunch Break Boob Jobs, about how fat cells are harvested from a woman's body through liposuction, sorted, and the regenerative cells injected back into her body--her breasts to be more specific. Great...yeah.

After reading the article, I admit I did have a twinge of regret for not waiting longer when the new method for breast augmentation will soon hit the market after the clinical trials end in 2008. My feelings of regret lasted all but two seconds and here is why:

1) The results occur over six months. That's a long wait versus a day spent on the surgery table and viola!--bigger breasts the next morning upon waking up.
2) I just don't think breasts made of injected fat can hold up as well as silicone or saline implants. They would need bras to cup and mold them whereas mine look just as good with no support as they do with support. How else could I have kept them from falling out from under my tiny bikini tops?
3) I also wondered how the growth of the fat tissues would be controlled. What if there's not enough growth or worse, too much growth? (I know men would never complain but I would not want to look like a freak show. I'm already weird as I am with having the biggest hand to height ratio for an Asian female.) Will they also be able to control which side of the breast grows larger? I was, like many women, uneven in size and now my breasts are nearly symmetrical in shape and size.
4) Which brings me to another point, how would they be able to control the shape of the fat injected breasts? Saline and silicone implants come in many shapes and textures.
And how is it that the fat injected into the breast is kept from being absorbed by the body? (Back story, pockets in the chests are made to allow room for how can loosely injected fat cells be contained to a circular pocket? I guess that's why I'm no the founder of this new method.) I'm sorry, I don't need more fat cells in me than I already have...LOL!!
5) On a serious note, this lunch break boob job is recommended (and ideal) for patients who've had a partial mastectomy because because it fills the void left by the removal of scar tissues. As far as I know, they don't make odd shaped silicone or saline implants that would perfectly fit the natural tissues like a puzzle so, yes, I think this "new generation of implants" as someone put it could work for a select group of women.

Fat injected, saline, or silicone breast augmentations...I don't think anything can compare to natural, home grown boobs. But if you're one of those who weren't as blessed, surgery may be an option. And it's not for everyone, it just happened to be the best choice out of elective surgeries that I've made.

I went from being flat as a pan (in the chest folks, not my face--I can't do anything about that).

To being more proportionate. My self-esteem increased and I was just thrilled to be able to fill a lot of my shirts, low-cut tops, tube tops, etc. and be able to wear bikinis without pads.

It wasn't like I was unhappy with myself. I liked my little boobs, they never shook when I jogged, and I felt that larger boobs might be cumbersome but I was wrong. Hey, there's always room for improvement within ourselves, right? So I think a person should already be happy within themselves because boobs will not change your self-esteem but it may improve it.

So sure, a lunch break boob job may take less time on the surgery table and have a shorter recovery period but you know what?...the short time of pain I felt and the few weeks of being uncomfortable thereafter was WELL WORTH IT!!

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