Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dinner in Boulder City

Since our kitchen has been torn apart, we've been living off of frozen and pre-prepared meals out of the grocery deli. (I tried to make dinner once and it was such a mess to clean up. You see, the bathroom sink doesn't have a disposal system like the kitchen sink does and that makes for a disgusting mess.) Tonight, we drove to Boulder City to check on John and Maggie's kitty since they were out town, so we decided to have dinner in town for a change.
We first went to the Hacienda Hotel & Casino just outside of Boulder City because it was seafood night.
From the red and orange blaze in the sky, it looked like the world was on fire.

But after waiting a couple New York minutes for someone to seat us, we left for a local restaurant in town.
The sleepy city fly by us as we drove up the US-95 towards downtown Boulder City.

(I think my sentimentalism is wearing down on my dear husband because he wanted to take a photo together in the rain.)

Usually I am the one taking photos of everything. It helps me remember where I've been and what I've done as if I'm afraid to lose my memory like dear old uncle Frank.

Soon we were inside a little tiny restaurant with a bar (the name escapes me even though we went there last night). The lighting was dim and I could see couples sitting intimately close at red tableclothed tables even though the next seating was an arm away.

Johnny had the ginger lime mah-mahi.

While I went for the prime rib (oh my gosh it is a big hunk of meat and was SO good!).

Our new countertops will be installed this coming Monday and so we will be able to hook up all the appliances and have a sink to wash, rinse, drain, and do all the things we had taken for granted.

Tomorrow we are going to go shooting in the desert before we to tear up the concrete slab over the cabinets. I will finally get to shoot my Ruger whatcha-ma-call-it revolver for the first time since Johnny purchased it for me. That should be fun.

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