Thursday, August 30, 2007


I use to think that the numbers "111" was a lucky number ... and I still do (yeah, I know it's superstitious). Though I do not practice this often, I make a wish every time I see 11:11 and (kid you not) my wishes have ALWAYS come true. Perhaps I've always been extremely conservative about what I wished for. The years have taught me not to ask for self-serving things but rather for the health, wealth, and longevity of those around me -- and those I love.

[Well...there was this one time when I made a selfish wish. My husband and I had finished running errands and were heading home from a grocery store a block from home. He said that he wished we sold our boat that had been on the market for several weeks. I saw that the time was 11:11 a.m. and so I said with conviction that he will. Moments later we were home and I checked our email to find a message from an interested buyer -- who turned out buying our boat! Coincidence, eh?]

[Back on subject] So tonight, I made my last post on a forum which shall not be named. What da ya know, my 111th post ... and will be my last on I wish I could delete my membership though I have not figured out how while on my pre-Friday-post-gin slumber.

There were some posts on a thread that transpired on said forum which sharpened the realization that I do not need anyone else's approval -- I had only joined that forum for my husband. I use to care about the pseudo-family status on that forum with anonymous people, but now I simply do not give a rats' ass. Sorry. We (my husband and I) joined for the hell of it -- perhaps because my husband is an only child and it gave him a sense of "community" but I've come to the conclusion in my stupid ass drunk state it's still not as good as real family and friends can be. Don't misunderstand this, we have been fortunate to meet and become friends with some positive, genuine, good people on that site who we still consider friends but the general pop there ... eh, let's just refer to the saying that a man with many friends has no friends at all or something like that.

We have our true friends, near and far, to whom we do not need to prove ourselves by comparing money or physical endowments or assets and they will always care and think of us regardless of our good and bad days.

I have found that some people on come across as heartless and shallow on that forum --- not all (I must defend the good people) and that is disheartening and I no longer want anything to do with.

So tonight, I resign my membership from HB. I don't care what people think. It does not matter what others think or want us to do ... I simply don't care to be part of that forum.

I have my blog to post my thoughts on rather than, husband, family, friends, and cats and that's all I ever need (and needed) to be happy. Those of who who have been here know who you are and are welcome to visit.

The rest, I honestly don't give a flying fock about because a) you don't pay my bills and 2) you don't wipe my ass! [If you are not an arrogant a-hole, this does not apply to you but some of you know this is directed at you.]

See ya later!

P.S. A few on that thread had said that I was meddling in my husband's argument and that it didn't look very well for him and me ... well, read through that thread again you illiterate cricket and you'll discover that "moron" equated to a person other than the a-hole, insecure, DCB owner that has started all of this. I was never in that that argument.

Know your shiat before you say anything. I just didn't bother defending myself because there's no point in arguing with stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Strong words....Mind if I post a copy of this at HotBoat?

Hello Daly said...

Be my guest. Doing so would serve as an example of those on HotBoat that thrive on drama. That's why I no longer post on that forum. Note that you are here on my blog.

The HotBoaters who are still our friends have our number and they know my rant was not directed at them.

I may have been harsh in my post but I have absolutely no regrets. If I did, I would have removed this post by now, wouldn't I, my friend?

While I appreciate your sincere offer, I hope you understand my decision to stay away from the forums and keep me out of it please.

Thanks for visiting.

Dragon's Moon said...

11:11 is quite the number.
I wonder if you have done any investigation into it.
11:11 has been a number that has been 'with' me for near 30 years.
The number of people who connect with it in some form or fashion is staggering.
Here is part of my story about it