Friday, August 31, 2007

Changes ...

The shorty antenna is on...

and the painted side markers are on. Looks better than what it use to look like.
Small changes, I know but I am still proud of my little economy car n/k/a Jack Rabbit. I didn't realize how much fun modifying cars were until I had my own project car to work on. The ideas generate from my husband but I am learning and appreciating all the minor things that I thought were so silly, minuscule, and easily overlooked but really do make a difference if I had been the least bit interested in cars as more than just a transportation vehicle.

Why the antenna? Oddly enough, the nearly two-foot long fishing rod (you can see it in this photo) reminds me of the unusually long facial hair sticking out of a mole on the Wicked Witch of the West's chin. It makes me want to reach out and pluck the darn thing from its root and that's essentially what I did on my car. Instead, I gave Jack a stubble...scruffy is sexy.

Jack is dirty from the storm on Sunday night. We managed to fit both the boat and my car in the garage so the vehicle stays clean but I can't help driving to and from work on the dirty streets. I guess I will have to wash it this weekend! Heh, heh.

Just gotta love this ...

Agreed! Much easier to train than a cat too!

This cute creature belongs belongs to Heather, writer of one of my favorite blogs to read Every day she takes photos of her dog (such as the one above) like I do of my cats except that I feel her photos are notches above mine--there's simply no comparison.

I need a camera like hers. Perhaps it might influence my cats perform clever tricks like her dog does !

Love Is...

Love is getting out of the warm, comfortable bed at the wee crack of dawn to put the cats outside of the bedroom so the other spouse can sleep undisturbed.

Our cats always come to bed with us at night but one of them gets active like clockwork at 4:10 a.m. every morning; as if the silent ticking of the digital alarm clock wakes her up on cue. She gets restless and starts peeking behind the blinds of the big window in the bathroom (and of ALL the windows in the house to pick from -- she singles out THAT one). The only view it offers is the gray brick wall which separates our house from the neighbor so I have NO IDEA what she finds so irresistably interesting beyond the glass barrier.

Not wanting to separate the fond friends, both are locked outside of the bedroom (even though the other cat is still in bed and well behaved). But not before giving them pets and hugs showing them that, "I love you" and "You can't help being a cat but YOU'RE not the one who has to get up for work in a few hours so that the mortgage gets paid." (These cats sleep all day and probably think what's the big deal with them getting up at 4 a.m. in the morning?)

Love is getting out of the warm, comfortable bed (again) after falling into a second slumber ... to bring one of the cats back into the bedroom because the other cat is unrelentingly practicing UFC moves on her!

(I love you sweetheart and the ways you unconsciously show me that you care)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I use to think that the numbers "111" was a lucky number ... and I still do (yeah, I know it's superstitious). Though I do not practice this often, I make a wish every time I see 11:11 and (kid you not) my wishes have ALWAYS come true. Perhaps I've always been extremely conservative about what I wished for. The years have taught me not to ask for self-serving things but rather for the health, wealth, and longevity of those around me -- and those I love.

[Well...there was this one time when I made a selfish wish. My husband and I had finished running errands and were heading home from a grocery store a block from home. He said that he wished we sold our boat that had been on the market for several weeks. I saw that the time was 11:11 a.m. and so I said with conviction that he will. Moments later we were home and I checked our email to find a message from an interested buyer -- who turned out buying our boat! Coincidence, eh?]

[Back on subject] So tonight, I made my last post on a forum which shall not be named. What da ya know, my 111th post ... and will be my last on I wish I could delete my membership though I have not figured out how while on my pre-Friday-post-gin slumber.

There were some posts on a thread that transpired on said forum which sharpened the realization that I do not need anyone else's approval -- I had only joined that forum for my husband. I use to care about the pseudo-family status on that forum with anonymous people, but now I simply do not give a rats' ass. Sorry. We (my husband and I) joined for the hell of it -- perhaps because my husband is an only child and it gave him a sense of "community" but I've come to the conclusion in my stupid ass drunk state it's still not as good as real family and friends can be. Don't misunderstand this, we have been fortunate to meet and become friends with some positive, genuine, good people on that site who we still consider friends but the general pop there ... eh, let's just refer to the saying that a man with many friends has no friends at all or something like that.

We have our true friends, near and far, to whom we do not need to prove ourselves by comparing money or physical endowments or assets and they will always care and think of us regardless of our good and bad days.

I have found that some people on come across as heartless and shallow on that forum --- not all (I must defend the good people) and that is disheartening and I no longer want anything to do with.

So tonight, I resign my membership from HB. I don't care what people think. It does not matter what others think or want us to do ... I simply don't care to be part of that forum.

I have my blog to post my thoughts on rather than, husband, family, friends, and cats and that's all I ever need (and needed) to be happy. Those of who who have been here know who you are and are welcome to visit.

The rest, I honestly don't give a flying fock about because a) you don't pay my bills and 2) you don't wipe my ass! [If you are not an arrogant a-hole, this does not apply to you but some of you know this is directed at you.]

See ya later!

P.S. A few on that thread had said that I was meddling in my husband's argument and that it didn't look very well for him and me ... well, read through that thread again you illiterate cricket and you'll discover that "moron" equated to a person other than the a-hole, insecure, DCB owner that has started all of this. I was never in that that argument.

Know your shiat before you say anything. I just didn't bother defending myself because there's no point in arguing with stupidity.

SoOOoo Immature

Don't you just love it when someone has a problem with you but they don't have the guts to tell you why ... so they make snide remarks behind the safe barrier of the Internet (like on a forum) but would have a totally different attitude if you were face-to-face with them?

I've got two words to describe that.

Junior High-ish.

Groundhog Day?

Each morning, as I turn down the last stretch of road towards the building where I work, I see this guy jogging the opposite direction on the other side of the road with a plastic grocery bag in his hand. Nothing unusual. So what?

I started noticing him because whenever I see him, he's wearing these tennis shoes, cargo shorts, cream colored t-shirt, and Greenbay Packer's cap...EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yes, he is always wearing the same thing every time I see him and doing the same thing, jogging on the other side of the road towards the opposite direction with a plastic bag in his hand.

I always wondered where did he come from? And better yet, where is he jogging to? I guessed that he probably came from the 7-Eleven at the end of the street and now with goodies in his bag was running home. Nevermind the reasons why he was there on the road, I simply admired that he at least was jogging diligently so early every morning and he didn't even need to wear the appropriate gear. Good for him!

We would pass each other on my way to work and depending on how early or late I was a certain morning, I would see him jogging along different points on the road. My husband drove me to work one morning and even got to see this mysterious man. Each time I see this guy, it is like deja vu...or more like the movie Groundhog Day where I'm repeating the same day over and over again.

Then one my surprise, he was at his destination! At a bus stop nonetheless. No grocery bags full of goodies in his hand (he probably ate the contents) but ... he was wearing the same thing.

So my questions were answered. All those days, he had been running to catch the bus!

(Well, my friend, had I known why you were running and where to...I would've gladly given you a ride if I were going the same way.)


I could hear the choir sing, "Hallelujah!" the moment I turned on the kitchen faucet. Out water flowed and splashed against the stainless steel sink...and drained down the pipes beneath.
For weeks we drained glasses in the bathroom sink and washed vegetables and dishes using the shop sink in the garage. Because soft water runs through most of the water outlets in the house, we refilled the Brita water pitcher in the shop sink.

There was a week when there was no sink. Just a gaping hole in the counter. Then the sink was installed but did not have any plumbing--not a drop of water was trickling out of a faucet nor could I drain anything because it would all end up in the cavity of the cabinet underneath.

With the help of John and Maggie, the guys finally finished the plumbing and installation of the dishwasher. (We ran the first load of drinking glasses and they have never been so sparkly, clear and clean! The dishwasher was so quiet, it sometimes sounded like a gurgling stomach when we could hear anything.)

At first I was scared to pour any water down the sink because I had trained myself not to when the sink didn't have plumbing. But I have never been so happy to be able to hand wash mixing bowls, cutting boards, and--anything in the sink!

I simply cannot wait to go home and wash more things!!


(Not for long LitterBox Cats. After Labor Day, it's back to Toilet Training Time!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Start of the Fall Semester

Yesterday was the start of the fall semester for the university where I work. Hundreds of students were displaced from their classrooms because a couple of the larger auditoriums were out of electrical power. The cause was probably the heavy thunder, lightning, and rain we got overnight. Besides that, all was well. And I got a night bouquet from one the administrative assistants on campus.

It feels weird that I am not taking classes this semester (as I have done for the past century--or so it felt like), buying books, and being part of the hustle and bustle on campus as students go from class to class and building to building. I think it is kind of nice to take a semester off until I decide on the next path I'd like to take.

For now, all I have is my job and I kinda like it.

Kitchen: Reinstallation of Appliances

The countertop and sink have been completely installed.

The new range and dishwasher were delivered yesterday morning.
(You can sort of see them in the photo below.)
John and Maggie came over in the afternoon to help us redo all the piping for the sink and hook up the dishwasher since the old plumbing was torn out in the demolition. Maggie brought over dinner: fresh garden salad, a loaf of nutty bread with a crunchy crust, and the most delicious bowtie casserole ever!!

We cannot wait to finish the plumbing and have a functional kitchen again. Then we will have the task of putting everything back in the drawers and cabinets before we can start painting and installing the stainless steel hardware. But first...(even though we've avoided using dishes and glasses and switched to paper and plasticware) we still have quite a few dishes to wash so that machine will be running for days!

Count them: How many white pickup trucks are there?

Behind these white pickups is my white VW Rabbit and the neighbors white Chevy SUV.

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Costanza -- like George!

When I got married, I changed my last name to Costanza with a little relief that my married last name would be easier to spell for others than my maiden last name which had 13 letters and few people knew how to pronounce on the first try. (It never fit on my driver's license and I hated filling in bubbles on scantrons for timed tests.)

Little did I know that "Costanza" would often be mistaken for "Constanza" with an "n" before the "s".

I couldn't find your name in the directory.

Your email (
came back to me undeliverable.
Hmm ... let's see, oh--that's because Constanza is not my last name!

It never bothered me when people spelled my maiden name wrong. I kind of expected that because it had so many letters. But people could always find me in the directory and successfully sent me emails. Maybe since that last name was so unique, people made sure they had the correct spelling before sending me an email. It was also easy to spot in the directory because it was so long, it stuck out like sore thumb.

So now when I spell my married last name, I always say, "C-O-S (pause) T-A-N (pause) Z-A ... like George". (For now, most people know George from Seinfield but I am not sure what I will do when Seinfield is a thing of the past.)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake Havasu on Trick Powerboat

As soon as the counter tops in our kitchen were (completely) installed, we packed our bags and were soon out on Lake Havasu the next morning on our new boat. Custom built by Trick Powerboats in Kentucky, she was finally sitting gloriously in the driveway of our home in Nevada. We named her, "Turning Tricks".
This weekend in Havasu would be my first time riding on the boat (Johnny had a couple chances to ride it on Lake Mead since its arrival) so I was nervous in anticipation of experiencing the ride first-hand. I had heard from Johnny that the ride was smoother on this catamaran-style boat versus the v-hull that we previously had. Turning Tricks is technically 2 feet shorter than our last boat so I was hesitant to buy into the smooth ride just yet.
The moment we hit the open waters of the Colorado River, I was simply impressed by how still the ride was despite the white caps on the surface of the water that windy day. There was also a lot of boat traffic on the water so we had rollovers to pass. Despite conditions that were the perfect formula for a rough ride, we glided across the water like ice skaters on ice.

Riding this watercraft was different, from the sound of the outboard engine, feel of the ride, muted looks of the gel coat and storage space of this sleek boat--it was definitely a good experience.
After speeding back and forth across the river, we settled in the boat channel near the London Bridge to relax with other friends from HotBoat who had also moored in the channel. We had so much fun and I am looking forward to our next ride on Turning Tricks.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yin and Yang

In the next several weeks, one friend is getting married and another friend is getting divorced.

I am happy for the friend getting married and it saddened me to hear about the friend getting divorced.

I like my two friends and their partners...they are all good people. And so I wonder why one is getting married and one is getting divorced.

All I know is that whatever their decisions are (getting married or getting divorced) it must be so that they can be happy.

I guess I am feeling helpless and sad for my friends that are divorcing. Maybe even responsible and should've asked if there was anything I can do to help. Even if it was listening or occupying their time or something. I don't know...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Elgy and Her Pappa

Shortly after her visit to the vet where she stayed overnight.

She was sure happy to be home and we were happy to have her back. Hard to believe how much we missed her during her absence. She is such a sweetheart.

First There Was One

First there was one...

Then there two...

But in the end, it was the O.G., Elgy

The Lone Countertop

The only part of the cabinet that got a new countertop because the rest of the countertop was cut wrong (1 1/2 inches off so the kitchen sink would be off-center) The installers will be back tomorrow to finish their job and we can finally move on with the rest of our project.

Havi seems to approve.

Home for SALE in Spokane, WA

Gigantic home at the edge of town with beautifully landscaped yard and great view: Purchase to live in or as an investment property.

I use to live there when I was in college. Great place for a family and to raise kids (not much of a singles life). Spokane is on the East side of Washington state and, unlike the damp and overcast weather of Seattle, has four distinct seasons. The nearest lake is Coeur d'Alene. Outdoor activities include dirt bike riding, rubber tubing down the rivers, camping, hiking, picking fresh fruit at the many orchards, and in the winter, there is skiing at Mt. Spokane nearby and tons of other resorts just a few hours away.

The Exterior:

The View:

The Gardens:

Turning Tricks

She is finally here...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Shoes for My Whip

(Check out the head lamp)

(This is the logo for the Rabbit. I finally got the floormats today (which I kept calling placemat and almost did just now). It has the same logo on the floormats.)

Now it just needs to be lowered, a window tint, shorter antenna, all the black parts on the molding painted white, the front bumper replaced, the orange flasher replaced with a color matched side marker and it will look good! Just a few small repairs...

Just removing that temporary license plate paper in the back from the dealership made me feel better. I absolutely hate that thing. Seen it enough times, I'm so sick of seeing it. So I had Johnny put the to-be-permanent plate back on since it will be registered under the same number.

I am just happy to have something to drive that is my own instead of shuffling from car to car. At least Johnny got to drive a Harley to and from work. I would LOVE to but 1) I don't have a license and I don't even know how to ride and 2) even if I could ride, he would NEVER let me ride in traffic. Just unfair.

But with 150 horsepower, who can complain. The Jetta I drove before only had 115 and it was a heavier car. So is it fun? Yeah, baby!!!