Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're going where?!

A couple Fridays ago, I had the opportunity to pick up a turkey fryer we left at our friends' house last Thanksgiving. It wasn't just any old turkey fryer either. It was a big beautiful stainless steel one we had received as a wedding gift. Since our friends live on the other side of the world from us (otherwise known as Summerlin), we never got around to picking it up.

The sweet wifee brought it with her to work one day so that it was convenient for me to pick it up from her. She works literally blocks away from where I work.

This day was pretty much my only chance to get the fryer since our friends were in the process of moving to another state. Easy--just drive there and pick it up, right?

Well...it just so happened that I had lunch plans the very same day with my boss and two other ladies from another department. We were meeting the ladies at the restaurant and since I was driving us, my conversation with my boss went something like this:

"I need to pick up a turkey fryer from my friend at her place of work on our way to lunch. It's my only chance to get it since she lives on the other side of town and her family is in the process of moving out of state."

My flexible boss didn't even flinch as she replied, "Sure. Where're we going?"

Eden Gentlemen's Club
Since we were off the clock, we even got a tour! THAT was cool since neither of us had ever been in or near an establishment of this kind.

Don't worry we didn't see anything beyond G-rated. It was during the day and, besides us, there was no one else in there except the owner and my friend.

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