Saturday, July 14, 2007

There THEY go...

To the tune of Sixpense None the Richer "There She Goes..."

I am convinced my husband is crazy...or some sort of crazy (I just can't find the words right now). Our boat is sold and our Chevy truck is sold. Both GONE within thirty minutes of each other.

I don't know what was going through my husband's mind but as long as selling/buying boats/cars made financial sense, I supported his decisions. After all, I didn't marry a dumb man. (I have to brag here: I've certainly married the smartest, most giving, honest man, sexy, caring, fatherly, adorable, sexy and hard-working man for me. I am so damn lucky!)

After a month of listing the boat for sale and placing it on consignment at a boat dealer, we finally received an acceptable offer and it could not have come from two of the nicest people that we know. How did we get so lucky?!

Bob and Raedynne drove down from Salt Lake City area on Friday night and made it to Vegas in record time. So we changed into our swim suits and towed the boat down to Lake Mead to drop it in the water. We wanted to show them the different quirks of the boat but better yet, it was just awesome to be able to drive around the lake and share some ice cold beer with them after their long trip and our long week.

It was the best evening we could ever wish for! The water was a little rough when we went out (the roughest on Lake Mead that we've ever experienced because we just don't launch on windy days) but by the evening, the water was calm--near glassy, everything was still and quiet. Just our laughter and conversations equoed through the dark evening air. We jumped in the water and for the first time, we turned on the interior lights of the boat and put the pilot (I think that's what it's called) up. We've never kept that boat out late before so it was a whole new experience to be out on the lake after dark and see the lights of Hemmenway Harbor and Boulder City nestled amongst the hills.

We had a fantastic time out on the lake and none of us wanted to pull the boat out but the time was approaching 9:30 p.m. and we were all ravishingly hungry. Bob and Raedynne took us out to dinner at a nearby pub called Timbers. It was freezing inside but the clam chowder hit the spot.

Saturday morning, Johnny had to go to work so Bob and Raedynne took me out to breakfast at iHop before the inevitable...they took off with Her...(named but never official, No Drama) away from Vegas and far, far away to Utah.

Bob and Raedynne have been working their butts off for quite some time and a little rest they were due for a little rest and relaxation so they plan to do just that this weekend. They're on their way to Sand Hollow State Park near St. George, UT and I wished that Johnny and I could join them.
As they drove away with the boat in tow, I fought hard not to cry. After all, She will be in the best hands we could possibly hope for.

Though we lost a boat but we've gained new friends.

Now with the truck gone, we will be looking for something else. Most likely trading in my Durango for a H3 Hummer (or maybe not because a Hummer just can't tow as well as my truck) or something else more powerful like a lifted Dodge RAM Laramie quadcab to tow the boat and an economy car that I can drive to/from work and not worry about door dings.

We also have our new boat to look forward to which will be arriving sometime in the first few weeks of August. It will be all gray with pewter Shelby stripes and lime green accents. It's gonna be bitchin' and I CAN'T WAIT until we speed across the lake at over 100 m.p.h.!!!

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