Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ridin' Dirty!

(Actually, we're not. I just like to say "dirhtay"!!)

Saturday night, Johnny and I rode his company car to eat dinner at the Sierra Gold, a new pub that just recently opened up and obviously is very popular already. We tried to take our guests to dinner there the other night but the parking lot was packed. We all were pretty hungry and knew there would be quite a wait to get dinner and drinks.
But tonight, the customers were pretty light and so we were given prompt service. Johnny had Miller Lite on draft and I had a Wyder's Cider on draft--25 oz. for both of us of course!
I've been wanting to try this fried calamari and shrimp appetizer. The seasoning is SO GOOD and it's tossed with banana peppers and cilantro with a sweet & sour and a hot dipping sauce. YUMM!!
Johnny had the Tuna Salad Ni├žoise and it was one of the BEST salads he's ever had. We love going to the Sierra Gold and after having visited the place twice, would definitely recommend this establishment to friends and family. The food and service is top notch which is unexpected for a pub!

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