Monday, July 16, 2007

Raccoon Kitty

I'm Raccoon Kitty, gonna check out da noise!

I was preparing dinner in the kitchen when I heard my husband's cell phone ringing in the office where he normally charges it in the evening. The ringer is the sound of a kitty in distress wailing, "Meow...Meow...Meow".

When the cats heard it they immediately walked towards the room to investigate, ears alert. Havi (pictured) had a poofy tail like a raccoon as I followed her and Elgy into the room.

The door to the office was opened and I could see that the cell phone wasn't where it normally sits charging but I could still hear the ringer noise so I walked into the room in search of the phone so I could end the sound of the crying kitty.

Then my jokester of a husband came out from behind the door and scared me, hunched over laughing his head off at my response which was akin to a woman going into labor with a brain freeze because she took too large of a bite of ice cream. I didn't scream. I only made a, "WhaaAAAA" sound.

(I am glad you got a laugh at my expense, sweetie.) You are lucky my reflex is not to kick you in the nuts! ;) It was funny, though...LOl!!!

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