Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Perfect Ending

After an awesome weekend of lunch with friends that I haven't seen for some time, relaxing by Rosemary's pool, and lunch at the Thai Temple, it was time for me to head home. Lalo took Rosemary and I for a quick breakfast in Toluca Lake before dropping me off at the Burbank airport.

I saw L.A. disappear underneath me as my plane took off towards the Northeast. Soon I could spot Red Rock Canyon in the distance as I landed in McCarran International Airport. What a relief to be on the ground again even though the flight was just around 45 minutes. Did I mention that I hate to fly?

Though I admit that this time around, I was a little relieved because we drove to Hermosa Beach and Corona Del Mar last weekend, then drove back to Vegas to recoup for day before driving to Lake Havasu for a couple days to celebrate the 4th of July, and then drove back to Vegas for work. I would've had to drive back to CA the next day for the weekend and then drive back to NV after a couple days! Even though I didn't do the driving throughout the past week (being a passenger can be stressful ), I still think I would've gone crazy at some point.

Soon after I had landed, Johnny and I were off to our friend's house for a BBQ and some down time in the pool. They like to call their get togethers Rehab like the Hard Rock but in my opinion, this was much more fun because 1) it wasn't crowded, 2) we always had a place to sit, 3) the drinks and delicious BBQ grills didn't cost nearly what it would at HR, and 4) the company can't be beat!
We hung out by the pool and swam. Some more friends from were there and the neighbors came with their baby girl and two dogs. Our friends kids were just too sweet to be around.
The guys had fun smoking the ribs, chicken, and grilled vegetables including jalapenos! O...M...G were those grilled jalapeno so delicious. I had one...two...and by the third one, my eyes were tearing and tongue almost fell off but I can't resist spicy things!

Later in the evening, we went onto the streets and lit fireworks. The display was just as big as when were out on the water in Lake Havasu on the fourth!! I can't say enough what fun we had with our friends and what a fun week we had. This day was definitely the perfect ending to a holiday week. I wouldn't have wanted our holiday to have been any other way!

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