Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Monday evening

Mondays are one of my husband's regularly scheduled day off and as usual, he had a busy day of errands to run. Since we only have one vehicle at the moment, he dropped me off at work this morning in his truck so he wouldn't have to ride a motorcycle around.

When it was time to pick me up at the end of my work day, the sunnier day had turned to a depressing gloom.

After I hopped into the truck he asked me, "How hungry are you?".

I replied with hope in my voice, "Do you want to go get some Pho?" We must've been thinking the same thing because he replied that it was exactly what he was thinking.

So we drove down a few blocks to our favorite restaurant, Pho Kim Long, on Spring Mountain. I ordered my favorite combination bowl of Pho while Johnny ordered what we nicknamed the "White Boy Combo" which was everything I had minus the tendons and tripe.

Our dinner, with a side of fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce dip, was so good! It was the perfect meal for a colder, gloomy day. (This is a picture of my soup before I poured hot sauce into it--turning it red orange.)

On our way home, we stopped by Fry's Electronics because they have a large selection of magazines for Johnny and ... well, it's a toyland for me!

(This was taken on a different day when it was sunny. In Vegas, the facade is a slot machine!)

After we picked up some small goodies, we drove home while watching Mother Nature show off her fantastic static powers.
The cooler weather and rain (even if only for a bit) is a relief from the muggy weather that had only looked threatening up until tonight. But we have to admit that we already miss the sun and look forward to when it's hot and sunny again. I know, we're sick people...LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm completely addicted to Pho. i've stumbled across this particular post a few times.

Daly said...

This restaurant is not far from the Strip. If you're staying at the Wynn or ... Mirage? on Spring Mountain, Pho Kim Long is on the other side of the I-15. I love, love it and would have it at least once a week if the location was convenient!! Argh. Now I'm hungry, LOL!!