Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lake Mead...again

Sunday, we had planned to ride the bike to Valley of Fire or Mount Charleston. Just to visit places we haven't visited for a while or explore a new place.

But when our friends invited us to Lake Mead...I couldn't resist. Without a boat anymore, it was an offer that was hard to turn down. It's not like we will be out of a boat for long but joining our friends will also give us a chance to spend some time with them since we've been so busy lately.

Callville Bay launch
Johnny and I drove to Callville Bay Maina where Ryan, Kristen, and Dirk prefer to launch. Apparantly, they had decided to expand the launch ramp at the height of boating season so the lines of vehicles waiting to launch were like trailing ants.

Add to that some amateur boaters who didn't have a clue about launching (taking 40 minutes or so) and then when the truck with the trailer pulled out of the water, the driver pulled over (on the ramp thus blocking other people from launching) and starting having conversations with other people! That lasted a minute when people starting honking their horns and telling them to move out of the way. Everyone patience had run thin by then--especially with the pressure of the mid-morning heat upon the marina. A member of so perfectly summarized what the pulling-out-my-hair craziness was like on the ramp in this thread.

Once the bottleneck at the marina was out of the way, we were able to launch (it took us literally less than 1 minute from the time we approached the water) and were soon swimming in the cool waters at Sandy Cove.

Can't tell you how relaxing it was to soak in the sun but be able to cool off in the water and just chat with our friends.
Kristen prefers Mountain Dew while I swig down some refreshing Miller Chill. We met several nice people on the same beach who followed us to Wishing Well.

Speeding down The Narrows towards Wishing Well, the air was a mixture of cool and hot air.

I think we (Johnny and I) were happy that we weren't on a bike in this heat!

Within a short time, we were floating in Wishing Well after tying up with the larger boat. One of the couples were newlyweds who got married earlier this year on the very same day as us! The husband later lost his wedding ring when it slipped off his finger and sunk into the deep waters below. His wife wasn't happy and so that ended their day on a low note...

We still had fun floating in the water and chatting with other boaters nearby. There were several other boats in the area that were tied up together. Some of the girls on them were topless (sorry no pics)...LOL!!

(It is scary to see how much lower the lake is. You can tell how much the water has dropped by the part of the walls that is lighter colored.)

Johnny on floaty

(Johnny found a new alternative to the life-vest diaper and he loves it!!)

Daly on swimstepI, on the other hand, couldn't quite balance on the floaty and so I wasn't having too much fun while we were out at Wishing Well. I had taken swimming lessons but am still not confident enough to swim too far from the boat and so I am pretty much stuck to the little island created by our friends' boat.

Our Sunday was a lot of fun and when we finally got out of the water towards the evening, I was definitely tired and ready for a nap (and the start of another work week)!

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