Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Eat Jerky for Breakfast

I had ordered some of my favorite beef jerky several weeks ago and since then have been checking the mail and front door every day but no jerky. This morning I made a mental note to follow up with the company.

I know they received the order I submitted online because they sent a credit card receipt to me through the mail a few days after that. But still no jerky. I don't want paper! I want JERKY.

As I packed my lunch for the day, I glanced out the kitchen window onto the front porch to see...a mysterious brown box leaning against the house!

A WHOLE box of Enjoy HOT Beef Jerky!

(They had better ship a little faster next time. I'm their most loyal customer and I'm gonna stop giving them free PR if this keeps up. But I love their jerky so much that I'll let it slide this time )

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