Friday, July 20, 2007

How Was Your Day?

Every day I go home from work, the girls are waiting for me just inside the door that connects the laundry room to the house. When I step from the garage into the laundry room, I can usually hear Havi meowing on the other side.

Sometimes there is no meowing and I find them waking up from a nap--yawning and stretching. It makes me wonder about the saying "when the cat's away, the mice will play" except "when the owners are away, the cats come out and play". I bet if I were to ask them, "How was your day?" (I do, sometimes), their response might go something like this:

"We took a nap on the couch as soon as you and Daddy left for work because we got up awefully early to chase your feet under the sheets until Daddy kicked us out of the bedroom.

Then we got up, peed and pooped, ate breakfast, drank out of the kitty
water fountain, chased each other around the house, napped on the bed, ate lunch, peed and pooped, drank out of the kitty water fountain, took a nap, ... and then you came home!!

Oh...and Elgy also shredded the roll of toilet paper in Daddy's bathroom
because she hasn't been caught doing that one yet!"

Elgy and Havi in the kitchen Elgy lounging on the couch

They are SO spoiled rotten. But that's okay--they're our sweet girls.

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