Monday, July 02, 2007

Hermosa Beach

Saturday was the kick start of our extended weekend and so it has become our tradition to go to Hermosa Beach as we had last year. This time we stayed at the Holiday Inn overlooking the shores of Hermosa Beach. After settling in, we rode our bikes down to Hennessey's Tavern on the Strand for some refreshing mojitos (they were too good!) and lunch.

Then we laid our towels out on the sand in Manhattan Beach and took a nap.

When evening came, we dined at Little Italy's Kitchen on the corner of Pier and Hermosa Avenue. That little tiny restaurant sure packs a lot of ambience and good food! I had the Cioppino (shrimp, lobster, clams, calamari, and fresh fish served in a seafood broth). Yummm...

After dinner, we walked over to Patrick Malloy's for some after dinner drinks. The scene had definitely changed since the day we first met six years ago right next door at Sharkeez. Now that our stomping ground was reduced to ashes a year ago, it hasn't been rebuilt and the patrons have scattered to the nearby bars. So all the familiar faces weren't there to be seen.
[Speaking of places where we have been burning down. For our dating anniversary last year, we went to Hermosa because we wanted to go to Sharkeez but the bar was reduced to rubbles by flames a month (end of May) before we could make it there so we toured Catalina Island for that day. Well the island was an inferno this past May. Weird...]
The next day, we went to Eat at Joe's for breakfast. They must have one of the yummiest most boring looking Bloody Mary's! After we ate some grub what else was there to do but ride our bikes along the strand to find a perfect spot on the beach to lay out.

We had so much fun in Hermosa but it was time to go home (not before visiting Grandma, Aunt Jan, and Maggie (who was visiting for the week) in Corona Del Mar before leaving CA). Havasu was calling our names...


Anonymous said...

Im jealous you got to go to the beach

Anonymous said...

you turds... next time tell johnny to call a brother up.. we could have had you over! lol