Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July in Havasu - Part 1

After we came back from California, we spent a day recuperating at home only to head out the door again Tuesday morning. This time, our destination was for Lake Havasu. Temperatures reached 118 degrees Fahrenheit when we met up with our friend Tavis for lunch.

He's one crazy man for riding his bike around in the heat but it's his goal not to drive his car. So we drove over the London Bridget to Barley Brother's for some grub. One of my favorite things to get there is the Tripleberry Wheat beer. It is so refreshing and goes down easy (way too easy).
I had the fish and chips. The batter was delicious and the fries were even better!!

After a yummy lunch like that, we had to take a nap so Johnny and I went back to Tavis' house (where we were staying) but Tavis had to leave for work. So off he went on his bike wearing nice slacks, a long sleeve button up shirt, and tie.

When we had our fill of sleep, we drove to another friend's house, Don and Li, whom we met from We had drinks and chatted until it was time to go bar crawling. Our first stop was the Naked Turtle Bar at the Nautical Inn. It is such a neat little bar overlooking the water. Thank goodness for the misters because they night was actually pretty hot and humid--even for a heat lover like me! We shared a bucket of margaritas, nachos, and lots of laughter.

While we were there, we ran into other people we knew from Wes was delivering one of the Trident Custom boats he built to a customer and we saw them drive away. We also saw Kevin and his on Vince.

After that we went to Martini Bay with Don and Li and had some really dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives.

After we had a couple drinks we walked along the Channel to the next bar, Kokomos. Li is so funny...she was in that cage with the pink bars were dancing and singing! What a fun night we had.

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