Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July in Havasu - Part 2

The next day, we were out on the lake by noon and our first stop was the Sand Bar. The day was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect weather, perfect company.

Li and I at Sand Bar, Lake Havasu
We hung out at the Sand Bar for a while; walking around, watching the beer bong parties, and some wild teenagers dancing on a pole attached to a party boat. I wished I had my camera on me to capture this kid young teenage boy in a hot pink bikini sliding up and down the pole and hanging perpendicular to it!

Sand Bar Lake Havasu
After the Sand Bar, we headed back towards the London Bridge to beach along the Boat Channel in town. Just as we made it under the bridge, the water way and car traffic on the bridge were shut down in both directions. There was a jumper on the bridge and he was threatening to commit suicide on the anniversary of our nation's independence.

All was quiet--music turned down and voices were hushed as everyone watched to see what he would do. Some onlookers were terrified and others chided him to jump. I was just sickened by the thought that someone would be so selfish as to call for attention from the people enjoying themselves all because he wanted to end his life and didn't know how to ask for help. If he wanted to kill himself, he should do so away from the public eye and not in front of the many children that were playing in the area!

Jumper on London Bridge
Finally after about 45 minutes the guy gave up and climbed back over onto the bridge (probably because he was too hot). The crowd cheered and, as if someone had turned on the master volume, the sounds of Lake Havasu on a holiday weekend came back. They allowed the boat and car traffic through again.

Li and I in the Boat Channel
And so life moved on. We saw this car/boat thingie pass through the Channel...

floating boat car

As the afternoon dwindled, we made our way to the bay area where the fireworks would be lit.

Brooke and Donny at the lake
The 4th of July also marked another significant date in our lives--when we first met six years ago and we're still together today.

Johnny and Daly
We tied up to other boats and just floated in the water. The kids jumped in and out of the boat having a great time while the temperatures were cooling down from today's highs.

boat tie up
I couldn't tell you how many other boats were in the water. By the time the sun had set and all was dark, the lights on the other boats reflected off the water like firelies.

boat in the lake
The fireworks was just brilliant and it felt like we had the best seat in the house and the fireworks were lit just for us! The show went on and on...I could hear people on other boat cheering. I cheered too--so loudly that my vocal chords still hurts today...LOL!! How can one not feel such a sense of pride? Proud to be an American.

Men of Havasu(Johnny, Don, and our friend, Tavis, who joined us half way through the day while we were in the Channel.)

Once the show of fireworks had finished, the boats started exiting the lake one by one. It was such a neat parade. The night was still wonderfully warm so we were not in a rush to leave. What an AWESOME, AWESOME day! Thank you Don and Li. We had one of the best times in our lives!


Anonymous said...

I was surfing the net looking for stuff about the lake and I bump into this!
Wow! You are smoking hot!
Your husband looks like a nice guy. Congrats on the 6, have fun with the 60 more!


Daly said...

Thanks, Bob. Can you believe we are quickly approaching year 7, going on 8 already?! Time flies.

Anonymous said...

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Daly said...

Thank you for the complement. :)

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Travis said...

The girl who is wearing leopard print bikini is gorgeous! (She obviously is a good dancer as well *gif image below*)