Saturday, July 21, 2007

Face Down

You know how the live concert performance from a truly talented artist often times sound better than the radio version or the radio version sounds better than the live version? That's how I feel about this song that has been out on the radio for some time now called, "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

The song got me thinking about about a cause that I use to be passionate about--domestic violence which I hear is a pretty common reason for law enforcement response. (I use to be involved in a Campus Violence Response Team at my junior college after a rash of rapes across campus (and indecent exposure) but it's core purpose was to respond to domestic violence victims who may appear to be "okay" as they go about their daily lives in school at work but are secretly hiding an intimate pain.)

Well, as I'm head banging around the house cleaning to this song and thinking of what the video might look like (I can imagine a slow motion scene of the victim and her abusor) but the video is contrary and pretty interesting. See, I use to be a film major and making music videos was a passion of mine when I use to live in Burbank. But love and life led me in a different path for the better but I wouldn't turn down the chance to be in a production team if offered the opportunity.

So I saw the video and it was quite different from what I had imagined. It was creative and had a different perspective but the ending was weak for the story. Not at all how I would've ended the video.

My point is...the live performance following the video was just sad. I was sorely, sorely disappointed. Either the lead singer had a frog in his throat or had been cheering at a high school bowling team a little too loud because he sounded HORRIBLE compared to the radio version of the video. The band as a whole was awesome, the drummer, guitarist, and even his backup sounded better than him. I think they ought to give the backup singer the the lead singer role because it was just sad to see the recording of the live performance.

I had hoped to see them live in concert but now I'm not so sure... The song itself is still awesome--I love it, but I just think the lead singer needs help like the kind he got from the recording studio.

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