Sunday, July 29, 2007

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Last week my husband and I went to his parents' home in Boulder City for dinner and visit with relatives who were in town. Before dinner, he and his dad went to the park nearby to catch the Desert Bighorn Sheep grazing in the grass.

Every evening when the heat of summer cools down, the herd wanders in from the rocky hills of nearby River Mountain. Amazingly they can survive on very little water during the summer so they rest during the day to conserve their energy and feed later in the day.

These sheep are obviously very domestic as they move along with people just a few feet away. That's how my husband got these photos. They are pretty neat, aren't they?

(This was taken a couple years ago)


Annejelynn said...

this is soo COOL! I love it! Which park is this? I so wanna take my boys there to see this! my honey-man would DIE!

Hello Daly said...

Hemenway Park in Boulder City. Here is a map of Boulder City.

From the Las Vegas area, take the US-93 towards Boulder City/Lake Mead. When you get into Boulder City, make a left at the stoplight (Buchanan Boulevard) to stay on US-93 and head down the hill towards Lake Mead (it's the same way to our wedding venue). Make a left on Ville Drive and that's where Hemenway Park is where you can find the Bighorn Sheep.

They can usually be found around dinner time, around 6 p.m. Enjoy!