Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dear Uncle Frank

Johnny and I visited Uncle Frank and Leanna again Thursday night. I drove John and Maggie's home alone since Johnny was occupied at the shop with a couple bike deals.

Seeing Uncle Frank the second time was easier. Earlier this week when we first visited him, perhaps he was just excited to see us (and so he was babbling) and mabye we just weren't prepared to witness first hand how bad his conditon really was.

This evening, I brought a gift for Uncle Frank--a Starbucks Barista Teddy Bear sporting cargo pants and a hooded sweatshirt that said, "Las Vegas" on it. It was sitting all alone by the cash register of the coffe shop and was apparently the last doll they had for sale. One of the employees mentioned that another lady also wanted to purchase it and she was was going to come back for it later that day. (Sorry sucker, this doll is meant for one person only and that is our Uncle Frank.)

Giving the brown Starbucks bag to Uncle Frank was gave me butterflies because he was a like a little kid on Christmas morning. The way he looked around him in surprise when I said I had a little something for him.

I didn't expect him to respond with tears, gushing how much he loved and he clung onto that little bear the entire night.

He told me over and over, "You are such a good person!" and "You are nice lady, you know that?!" and to others with a thumb, "This guy is a good person!" (he refers to every body as a guy which I think is good because maybe that puts me at "buddy" status).

Uncle Frank said he was never given a teddy bear before as tears nestled in the folds around his eyes. Seeing him so overwhelmed by his gift brought tears to my eyes.

He loved that bear. He clung onto it so tight. And at times he tried to giving it back to me (forgetting that it was a gift TO him) and later when Johnny was around, he tried giving the bear to Johnny too!

As the night dwindled, Johnny arrived at the house on his company's motorcycle and so all of us went out on the front porch to greet him and observe the beautiful evening sky. The sunsets are always magnificient here in Vegas.

(I didn't ask them to put their hands on their hips. Isn't it funny that they all did that?!)

The bike rumbled as it parked in idle on the driveway and Johny let Uncle Frank crank the throttle. The revving of the engine still made his heart beat and you can tell he still loved iron machines and not just teddy bears.

For dinner we had this wonderful spiced jerk chicken with the yummiest rice and beans I've ever had with sides of salsa including mango salsa.

(That bright orange puddle is Tobasco...LOL!!)

Uncle Frank said, "I love you." and I know he meant to express his appreciation and thank me for being so thoughtful. Of course, I replied that I love him too. Who wouldn't say that to such a nice guy!

We finally head for home and Aunt Leanna and Uncle Frank will surely do the same the next day.

We will see you guys soon--that is for sure!

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IK said...

Yep, I feel you on this one. My grandpa had Alzheimer's.