Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day of shopping and TAO Beach

Yesterday my friend, Dolly, and I went shopping at Desert Passage. I picked up a couple sandals, a white cowboy hat, and some lingerie from Victoria's Secret.
Dolly and Daly at P.F. Changs
We took a break and stopped at P.F. Changs for some crunchy lettuce wraps, spicy seared ahi tuna, and refreshing Asian pear mojitos.
My fortune
My fortune.
Daly and Daly at the Venetian pool
Then we hung out by the pool at the Venetian (when we actually had wrist stamps to get into TAO Beach).
Venetian Pool
We did end up going to TAO Beach for a little bit before we headed home. This afternoon turned out to be a nice sunny day which was a relief from the week of humidity and gloom.


Ari said...

Baaaabe - it's AJ!!

What's up?? My boys and I had such a good time with you!! How come you didn't put the picture of us up on your blog??? HEHE...

Can you send me the pix of us? My e-mail is

Thanks SOOOO Much babe... we miss you guys already!!!

Anonymous said...

Were you the only girl in a thong at the pool or were there others? I would like to wear mine...but don't want to be all alone in doing so.

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