Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bye Bye Durango...Hello Silverado

Saturday was the last time I drove my Dodge Durango and that thought didn't quite sink in until Johnny and I rolled off the Chevrolet dealer's lot with his new Silverado (my "crazy" husband's 40-is something vehicle now).

Ever since the Durango was rear-ended and I backed it up into a pole, the body damage (though repaired to a like-new state) always bugged my husband. I think that's just an excuse for his "I-can't-drive-the-same-car-for-more-than-six-months (or a year at most)" illness. Whatever makes him happy .

Since he sold his old Chevy Silverado, he has been riding his work's bike around and now that we've traded in the Durango, I will be searching for a new car. I don't care what I drive as long as it will be reliable and has good torque. I was forced to change my driving stile when I upgraded to an SUV but now I'm ready to get back into a compact and zippy car (heh, heh), probably an Audi A3 or another VW but one of them Rabbits instead of a Jetta which was what I before.
After we left the dealership, we settled at Sierra Gold for dinner. I had my usual Wyder's Cider but with a side of shrimp skewers on a bed of spinach.

And Johnny had pulled pork sandwich with his whiskey and a splash of soda.

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