Friday, July 27, 2007

Boots and a Helmet

The other day, Havi got a "thigh high and a helmet" cut at the groomers. This was her first time and my husband and I had feared that she might freak out after having almost all of her hair shaved off but we were actually surprised by her positive personality change. She appeared to have more energy (probably because she's not burdened by the heat and shedding of her coat during the height of summer). Hopefully this cut will help her to be more comfortable and save us from vacuuming like hotel maids and constantly rolling her hair off our clothes.

When Havi first came home, she plopped on the floor, threw a leg in the air, and immediately started to groom her newfound butthole which was no longer covered by her hair. Once satisfied by her cleanliness--she darted off like a super cat, bouncing all over the place, jumping on counters and leaping on top of shelves with endless energy (instead of lethargically lounging around like she usually does). She and Elgy chased each other playfully around the house and we knew she was Havi again.

Elgy is next up for the groomers but she'll be getting the boots and a helmet cut.

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