Monday, July 30, 2007

All the Cars He's Owned

I mentioned that my husband was some sort of crazy. What I meant by that is I think he has this New Car Syndrome or Old Car Phobia that he experiences every six months or so--I'm not sure which condition he suffers from but there are definite evidence of his symptoms.

When we met in 2002, he had a 2002 Midnight Blue Volvo S-40 (which he thought "was fast, handled well, looked cool, had an awesome interior" but had a "shitty tranny, gas mileage sucked, small motor, and not enough room"). I don't have a picture of it because a few weeks later, he got a Ford Focus (pictured below).

The other day (40+ vehicles in his lifetime later), I made an attempt to understand his mad reasoning behind switching cars so often, I asked him what were the pros and cons of each vehicle he drove and thus the reasons why he kept moving on... (Note: all the cars were purchased new with the exception of the hobby '91 Ford Mustang and the '01 Chevy Silverado). The photos of the cars he's had since we met and his comments regarding them are posted below.

2003 Ford Focus (cheap, good fuel economy, good stereo, HID headlights, but rough suspension. it because he lowered it by cutting the coilovers?)
We dated long distance for about a year and half until I finally made the move from Burbank, CA to Vegas. Luckily he had a pickup truck by then and was able to help me haul my things.

Enter the 2004 Dodge Ram pickup (had plenty of power, it was a bottom of the line, LOVED it, fast, handled well, but not enough room and had HORRIBLE gas mileage because he drove approximately 42 miles roundtrip to and from work.)
(Here you can see my 2001 Honda Civic in the background to the left which we soon traded in for a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta that was my every day car.)

2006 Red Ford F150 pickup for towing the boat (underpowered, tinny, not enough room because it was a regular cab). At the same time, he purchased a hobby car, a Black '91 Ford Mustang Coupe ("BAD ASS!")

2005 Dodge SRT-4 (LOVED this car! Toy car. No room. Not good for anything) and a 2006 Dodge Durango which was my primary vehicle after trading in the Jetta. We actually went through TWO Durangos because the first one had some sort of engine problem after it sucked water into the air intake when the guys were launching the boat at Lake Mead.
He got rid of the SRT-4 and purchased a 2001 Black Chevy Silverado (GREAT truck. Too many miles and not enough power. Extended cab not as desirable as crew cab.)
Now both the Durango and old Silverado are gone. Traded the Durango for his 2007 White Chevy Silverado (new body style) "I LOVE EVERYTHING except for the drum brakes and that it's lower in the front (but all cars (tow vehicles) are like that). My DREAM truck except for it not being 4-wheel drive but I don't need that. Nice truck."

Dream truck, huh? We'll see about that. ;) That's 10 cars and counting (not counting the dud Durango and his motorcycle).

(P.S. I'm also seeing this trend of new boats every year and suspect that will follow the same suit.)
2005 Moomba Outback
2006 Lightning 23XS Custom Boat
2007 Trick Powerboat
(this is a rendering; actual photo to be posted in a couple weeks)


Anonymous said...

u guys are loaded, nice

Daly said...

Thank you, I appreciate the comment but we don't really have much, just enough for us to have fun with.

The things we own, we worked hard for and I'm grateful my husband is particular about taking care of his stuff. I just wish he'd stick with one car (or boat) for a while, you know? By the time I made this post, I had been feeling like I was playing musical chairs ... LOL.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is I have the same disorder. But I have multiples of bikes and cars and trucks but not as often. You are a good girl to have.So tell him to hang on to you. If you have kids it should slow down as my son gets everything he wants (LOL)

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