Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Monday evening

Mondays are one of my husband's regularly scheduled day off and as usual, he had a busy day of errands to run. Since we only have one vehicle at the moment, he dropped me off at work this morning in his truck so he wouldn't have to ride a motorcycle around.

When it was time to pick me up at the end of my work day, the sunnier day had turned to a depressing gloom.

After I hopped into the truck he asked me, "How hungry are you?".

I replied with hope in my voice, "Do you want to go get some Pho?" We must've been thinking the same thing because he replied that it was exactly what he was thinking.

So we drove down a few blocks to our favorite restaurant, Pho Kim Long, on Spring Mountain. I ordered my favorite combination bowl of Pho while Johnny ordered what we nicknamed the "White Boy Combo" which was everything I had minus the tendons and tripe.

Our dinner, with a side of fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce dip, was so good! It was the perfect meal for a colder, gloomy day. (This is a picture of my soup before I poured hot sauce into it--turning it red orange.)

On our way home, we stopped by Fry's Electronics because they have a large selection of magazines for Johnny and ... well, it's a toyland for me!

(This was taken on a different day when it was sunny. In Vegas, the facade is a slot machine!)

After we picked up some small goodies, we drove home while watching Mother Nature show off her fantastic static powers.
The cooler weather and rain (even if only for a bit) is a relief from the muggy weather that had only looked threatening up until tonight. But we have to admit that we already miss the sun and look forward to when it's hot and sunny again. I know, we're sick people...LOL!!!


Monday is over!

All the Cars He's Owned

I mentioned that my husband was some sort of crazy. What I meant by that is I think he has this New Car Syndrome or Old Car Phobia that he experiences every six months or so--I'm not sure which condition he suffers from but there are definite evidence of his symptoms.

When we met in 2002, he had a 2002 Midnight Blue Volvo S-40 (which he thought "was fast, handled well, looked cool, had an awesome interior" but had a "shitty tranny, gas mileage sucked, small motor, and not enough room"). I don't have a picture of it because a few weeks later, he got a Ford Focus (pictured below).

The other day (40+ vehicles in his lifetime later), I made an attempt to understand his mad reasoning behind switching cars so often, I asked him what were the pros and cons of each vehicle he drove and thus the reasons why he kept moving on... (Note: all the cars were purchased new with the exception of the hobby '91 Ford Mustang and the '01 Chevy Silverado). The photos of the cars he's had since we met and his comments regarding them are posted below.

2003 Ford Focus (cheap, good fuel economy, good stereo, HID headlights, but rough suspension. it because he lowered it by cutting the coilovers?)
We dated long distance for about a year and half until I finally made the move from Burbank, CA to Vegas. Luckily he had a pickup truck by then and was able to help me haul my things.

Enter the 2004 Dodge Ram pickup (had plenty of power, it was a bottom of the line, LOVED it, fast, handled well, but not enough room and had HORRIBLE gas mileage because he drove approximately 42 miles roundtrip to and from work.)
(Here you can see my 2001 Honda Civic in the background to the left which we soon traded in for a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta that was my every day car.)

2006 Red Ford F150 pickup for towing the boat (underpowered, tinny, not enough room because it was a regular cab). At the same time, he purchased a hobby car, a Black '91 Ford Mustang Coupe ("BAD ASS!")

2005 Dodge SRT-4 (LOVED this car! Toy car. No room. Not good for anything) and a 2006 Dodge Durango which was my primary vehicle after trading in the Jetta. We actually went through TWO Durangos because the first one had some sort of engine problem after it sucked water into the air intake when the guys were launching the boat at Lake Mead.
He got rid of the SRT-4 and purchased a 2001 Black Chevy Silverado (GREAT truck. Too many miles and not enough power. Extended cab not as desirable as crew cab.)
Now both the Durango and old Silverado are gone. Traded the Durango for his 2007 White Chevy Silverado (new body style) "I LOVE EVERYTHING except for the drum brakes and that it's lower in the front (but all cars (tow vehicles) are like that). My DREAM truck except for it not being 4-wheel drive but I don't need that. Nice truck."

Dream truck, huh? We'll see about that. ;) That's 10 cars and counting (not counting the dud Durango and his motorcycle).

(P.S. I'm also seeing this trend of new boats every year and suspect that will follow the same suit.)
2005 Moomba Outback
2006 Lightning 23XS Custom Boat
2007 Trick Powerboat
(this is a rendering; actual photo to be posted in a couple weeks)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Last week my husband and I went to his parents' home in Boulder City for dinner and visit with relatives who were in town. Before dinner, he and his dad went to the park nearby to catch the Desert Bighorn Sheep grazing in the grass.

Every evening when the heat of summer cools down, the herd wanders in from the rocky hills of nearby River Mountain. Amazingly they can survive on very little water during the summer so they rest during the day to conserve their energy and feed later in the day.

These sheep are obviously very domestic as they move along with people just a few feet away. That's how my husband got these photos. They are pretty neat, aren't they?

(This was taken a couple years ago)

Day of shopping and TAO Beach

Yesterday my friend, Dolly, and I went shopping at Desert Passage. I picked up a couple sandals, a white cowboy hat, and some lingerie from Victoria's Secret.
Dolly and Daly at P.F. Changs
We took a break and stopped at P.F. Changs for some crunchy lettuce wraps, spicy seared ahi tuna, and refreshing Asian pear mojitos.
My fortune
My fortune.
Daly and Daly at the Venetian pool
Then we hung out by the pool at the Venetian (when we actually had wrist stamps to get into TAO Beach).
Venetian Pool
We did end up going to TAO Beach for a little bit before we headed home. This afternoon turned out to be a nice sunny day which was a relief from the week of humidity and gloom.

Our New Approach to Eating

About a month ago, Johnny and I started on an exercise and eating program called P90X. We needed to shed some extra weight gained from winter and all the drinking we did since the start of summer last year.

We were doing really well with changing our eating habits and exercising together using the DVDs provided with the program. I started to see a difference in the physical appearance of my body, my strength increased, and my muscles were firming up. Between me and Johnny, the changes he experienced were more significant (of course)--especially in his mid section after only two weeks of following the program!

Sea Bass with spinach and brown rice
(One of the meals we cooked from the P90X program recipes: sea bass with spinach, brown rice, and mango salsa. Pictured is my portion and I should actually be eating more than that!)

But then after the partying from the Fourth of July, we got off track and are finally getting back on the bandwagon again several weeks later. (I feel like I've lost all the progress I've made since starting the program but the good thing is that our muscles have memory and can revert back to that state easily since not too much time has lapsed.)

The last five pounds are always so hard for me to lose but I am determined to get in the best shape of my life now that I'm in my 30s. (Thinking back, I've come a long ways with weight loss when I use to be 163 lbs. That was 30 pounds heavier than I am now. Five to go is actually not bad at all.)

P90X is a well-rounded, no-gimmick program that we highly recommend for those in an exercise and eating rut who would like to yield results in 90 days or less! If you are serious about starting this program, I would recommend reading this first-hand experience review first.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Boots and a Helmet

The other day, Havi got a "thigh high and a helmet" cut at the groomers. This was her first time and my husband and I had feared that she might freak out after having almost all of her hair shaved off but we were actually surprised by her positive personality change. She appeared to have more energy (probably because she's not burdened by the heat and shedding of her coat during the height of summer). Hopefully this cut will help her to be more comfortable and save us from vacuuming like hotel maids and constantly rolling her hair off our clothes.

When Havi first came home, she plopped on the floor, threw a leg in the air, and immediately started to groom her newfound butthole which was no longer covered by her hair. Once satisfied by her cleanliness--she darted off like a super cat, bouncing all over the place, jumping on counters and leaping on top of shelves with endless energy (instead of lethargically lounging around like she usually does). She and Elgy chased each other playfully around the house and we knew she was Havi again.

Elgy is next up for the groomers but she'll be getting the boots and a helmet cut.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Short, Powerful Sentence

My friend forwarded a message to me today that read, "God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor." If I believed it, I was to forward the message on to others.

(You see, my husband and I have finally agreed on the car that would be my every day driver to and from work since the vehicle I use to drive was traded in for his new truck. So I'm driving his truck to and from work while he rides his company motorcycle because he sold his old truck until we can purchase my vehicle.)

Anyway...I took this message from my friend to mean that God is going to shift things around for me today and let things work in my favor. In other words, make the car I want available because it is nowhere to be found in ANY dealership nearby. The Volkswagon Rabbits (known as the Golf) are so popular, the dealerships have virtually sold out of all the manual gear, 2-doors except a red one and that's the only color out of the six color choices that we don't want.

I forwarded my friend's message to others including my husband because I honestly believed my car would appear sooner than later. And guess what?! My husband replied to my email with "...You will be shifting it (instead of God shifting things)". He was referring to my soon to be new car which is coming all the way from Colorado and should be here by the mid-week of next week.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the VW Rabbit (Golf) in white with 19" wheels! F-in SHWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!

(We've had many, many cars in the years since we've met (that is a different story)...or should I say HE's gone through more cars than the years we've known each other and so I'll have to share that story on a different post. We haven't been more excited about the coming of a single car as we have this Rabbit.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guess what came in the mail? what? ;)


Daly on stage UNLV grad

Thomas and Mack Center - Cox Pavilion

I've been thinking about whether or not to continue on with grad school right away or not. Perhaps I'll take the first course in the MBA program at UNLV this coming fall semester.

It's statistics. (If you could see the grimace I have on my face right now, you might understand that I'd rather eat a bar of soap any day).

I'll say no more.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boy Britney?

We were flipping through the t.v. channel when we came across America's Got Talent and Boy Shakira.

Boy Shakira dressed up as Boy Britney for his latest performance but I still think he looks like Shakira dressed up to look Britney.

We're going where?!

A couple Fridays ago, I had the opportunity to pick up a turkey fryer we left at our friends' house last Thanksgiving. It wasn't just any old turkey fryer either. It was a big beautiful stainless steel one we had received as a wedding gift. Since our friends live on the other side of the world from us (otherwise known as Summerlin), we never got around to picking it up.

The sweet wifee brought it with her to work one day so that it was convenient for me to pick it up from her. She works literally blocks away from where I work.

This day was pretty much my only chance to get the fryer since our friends were in the process of moving to another state. Easy--just drive there and pick it up, right? just so happened that I had lunch plans the very same day with my boss and two other ladies from another department. We were meeting the ladies at the restaurant and since I was driving us, my conversation with my boss went something like this:

"I need to pick up a turkey fryer from my friend at her place of work on our way to lunch. It's my only chance to get it since she lives on the other side of town and her family is in the process of moving out of state."

My flexible boss didn't even flinch as she replied, "Sure. Where're we going?"

Eden Gentlemen's Club
Since we were off the clock, we even got a tour! THAT was cool since neither of us had ever been in or near an establishment of this kind.

Don't worry we didn't see anything beyond G-rated. It was during the day and, besides us, there was no one else in there except the owner and my friend.

Ill Advice?

(It's a dried snack, like beef jerky, so I don't understand why it's best kept in a refrigerator--let alone UNDER it.)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bye Bye Durango...Hello Silverado

Saturday was the last time I drove my Dodge Durango and that thought didn't quite sink in until Johnny and I rolled off the Chevrolet dealer's lot with his new Silverado (my "crazy" husband's 40-is something vehicle now).

Ever since the Durango was rear-ended and I backed it up into a pole, the body damage (though repaired to a like-new state) always bugged my husband. I think that's just an excuse for his "I-can't-drive-the-same-car-for-more-than-six-months (or a year at most)" illness. Whatever makes him happy .

Since he sold his old Chevy Silverado, he has been riding his work's bike around and now that we've traded in the Durango, I will be searching for a new car. I don't care what I drive as long as it will be reliable and has good torque. I was forced to change my driving stile when I upgraded to an SUV but now I'm ready to get back into a compact and zippy car (heh, heh), probably an Audi A3 or another VW but one of them Rabbits instead of a Jetta which was what I before.
After we left the dealership, we settled at Sierra Gold for dinner. I had my usual Wyder's Cider but with a side of shrimp skewers on a bed of spinach.

And Johnny had pulled pork sandwich with his whiskey and a splash of soda.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Face Down

You know how the live concert performance from a truly talented artist often times sound better than the radio version or the radio version sounds better than the live version? That's how I feel about this song that has been out on the radio for some time now called, "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

The song got me thinking about about a cause that I use to be passionate about--domestic violence which I hear is a pretty common reason for law enforcement response. (I use to be involved in a Campus Violence Response Team at my junior college after a rash of rapes across campus (and indecent exposure) but it's core purpose was to respond to domestic violence victims who may appear to be "okay" as they go about their daily lives in school at work but are secretly hiding an intimate pain.)

Well, as I'm head banging around the house cleaning to this song and thinking of what the video might look like (I can imagine a slow motion scene of the victim and her abusor) but the video is contrary and pretty interesting. See, I use to be a film major and making music videos was a passion of mine when I use to live in Burbank. But love and life led me in a different path for the better but I wouldn't turn down the chance to be in a production team if offered the opportunity.

So I saw the video and it was quite different from what I had imagined. It was creative and had a different perspective but the ending was weak for the story. Not at all how I would've ended the video.

My point is...the live performance following the video was just sad. I was sorely, sorely disappointed. Either the lead singer had a frog in his throat or had been cheering at a high school bowling team a little too loud because he sounded HORRIBLE compared to the radio version of the video. The band as a whole was awesome, the drummer, guitarist, and even his backup sounded better than him. I think they ought to give the backup singer the the lead singer role because it was just sad to see the recording of the live performance.

I had hoped to see them live in concert but now I'm not so sure... The song itself is still awesome--I love it, but I just think the lead singer needs help like the kind he got from the recording studio.

Dear Uncle Frank

Johnny and I visited Uncle Frank and Leanna again Thursday night. I drove John and Maggie's home alone since Johnny was occupied at the shop with a couple bike deals.

Seeing Uncle Frank the second time was easier. Earlier this week when we first visited him, perhaps he was just excited to see us (and so he was babbling) and mabye we just weren't prepared to witness first hand how bad his conditon really was.

This evening, I brought a gift for Uncle Frank--a Starbucks Barista Teddy Bear sporting cargo pants and a hooded sweatshirt that said, "Las Vegas" on it. It was sitting all alone by the cash register of the coffe shop and was apparently the last doll they had for sale. One of the employees mentioned that another lady also wanted to purchase it and she was was going to come back for it later that day. (Sorry sucker, this doll is meant for one person only and that is our Uncle Frank.)

Giving the brown Starbucks bag to Uncle Frank was gave me butterflies because he was a like a little kid on Christmas morning. The way he looked around him in surprise when I said I had a little something for him.

I didn't expect him to respond with tears, gushing how much he loved and he clung onto that little bear the entire night.

He told me over and over, "You are such a good person!" and "You are nice lady, you know that?!" and to others with a thumb, "This guy is a good person!" (he refers to every body as a guy which I think is good because maybe that puts me at "buddy" status).

Uncle Frank said he was never given a teddy bear before as tears nestled in the folds around his eyes. Seeing him so overwhelmed by his gift brought tears to my eyes.

He loved that bear. He clung onto it so tight. And at times he tried to giving it back to me (forgetting that it was a gift TO him) and later when Johnny was around, he tried giving the bear to Johnny too!

As the night dwindled, Johnny arrived at the house on his company's motorcycle and so all of us went out on the front porch to greet him and observe the beautiful evening sky. The sunsets are always magnificient here in Vegas.

(I didn't ask them to put their hands on their hips. Isn't it funny that they all did that?!)

The bike rumbled as it parked in idle on the driveway and Johny let Uncle Frank crank the throttle. The revving of the engine still made his heart beat and you can tell he still loved iron machines and not just teddy bears.

For dinner we had this wonderful spiced jerk chicken with the yummiest rice and beans I've ever had with sides of salsa including mango salsa.

(That bright orange puddle is Tobasco...LOL!!)

Uncle Frank said, "I love you." and I know he meant to express his appreciation and thank me for being so thoughtful. Of course, I replied that I love him too. Who wouldn't say that to such a nice guy!

We finally head for home and Aunt Leanna and Uncle Frank will surely do the same the next day.

We will see you guys soon--that is for sure!