Monday, June 25, 2007

A Worthy Cause

Many times I dread going to my local grocery store because the sharks of people camping outside the entrance--all to collect donations for one "cause" or another. Some are legitimate and others have left me skeptical.

It's not that I am against donating towards a worthy cause. I just often wonder how the funds will be spent and if it will truly benefit its true purpose.

One time I was stopped on my way out of a grocery store by a man who had a petition to keep prayers in school. Not having children of my own, I signed the petition anyway believing I could help support the petition.

He then tried to sell me some discount grocery card or something for ten dollars and the only cash I had on me was five dollars so I didn't quite have enough to buy it. Then he asked if I could donate something. Of course I felt obligated since he already saw the cash that I had so I handed him my paper bill feeling that I just got taken. Then later thinking I should have asked for a donation receipt to keep that man honest.

It's situations like this that leave me feeling...stingy (for lack of better words) towards some "fundraisers". Now I am much more discerning about which cause I give my dollars to. I still donate to the Revlon Run/Walk for Women and MS Walk to support friends and honor survivors.

Today, I've found another reason to donate after watching a video of this woman (with the biggest heart) who paints portraits of fallen soldiers and sends them to their families. I was moved after watching the video and, feeling helpless, did some research on her and came upon Project Compassion.

Finally, another worthy cause that definitely deserves a portion of our donation budget.

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johnny said...

Honey, I am sure the guy was legit. I think you did the right thing. Whats 5.00 if it helps someone out in the future that may be less fortunate than us.

You are a good person and don't ever second guess your charity.