Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My experience tonight at a local bookstore left me wondering what has happened to courtesy and kindness these days? Are people just generally rude and I just never noticed it because I was a young buck and equally as careless about what others thought or am I noticing it more and more because I am trying to be more thoughtful and caring in my older age?

After dinner at the Guadalajara in the Sunset Station, my husband and I decided to stop by a nearby Barnes & Noble. (We love that Mexican restaurant because it has this kickin' salsa bar which has at least eight different salsas ranging from mild to hot--just how I like it.) I had a gift card, given to me by a friend (Dan), as a graduation gift that I was burning a hole in my pocket. Finally, a chance to buy some books that were not textbooks! Meanwhile, my husband wanted to hit the magazine section for the latest issue of Powerboat. This particular publication is special because he has a friend and boat builder whose company is featured in there.

As usual, I never quite make it all the way into the bookstore but instead get caught in the foyer where the clearance books are displayed. There are two double doors that open from the bookstore into the foyer and two double doors that open from the foyer to the outside.

So I am standing there, checking out some books when a couple comes out of the bookstore, opening the door that was closer to me and bumped the door into me. I was a little irked but gave them the benefit of the doubt that perhaps they pushed the door a little too hard and it swung a little too wide. However gentle the bump, I didn't think it was necessary. It wasn't like I was right in front of the door and they couldn't get through.

The next couple that came into the foyer area, opened the door where I was standing in front of. Okay, I thought, maybe he's left handed and it is a habit for him to open the door with his left hand for his girl. Or maybe the door I was standing in front of is the only way to get in where the other door is the only way to come out. Perhaps the doors only swing one way or was missing a handle (push on one end, pull on the other). I took a quick glance. WRONG. There were handles on BOTH doors so that guy had a choice on which door he could have opened. I was the only one in the foyer. He could've opened the door on the opposite side of where I was standing. It wasn't like anyone was coming out of the other door.

By now I was getting more irritated and I am normally a very patient person. Maybe I was PMSing but my patience was running thin real quick. I thought, you know...I am going to prop my foot up like door stopper so that the next person that opens the door a little too wide will get a nice surprise (and hint) when the door suddenly stops in their face. It wasn't like I was blocking the doorway or they didn't have an alternative door to enter and exit out of!! Am I being snotty here?!

So that's exactly what I did, looking out of the corner of my eye (now that I can see 20/20) for the next person to push on the door and BAMM--into my waiting foot. A guy approaches and...he cautiously opens the door. (Darn, this will not be my first victim). Seeing that he was watching out for me, I stepped way back to give him room--reciprocating his thoughtfulness for my safety.

Then I thought, this is silly. I really want to get my foot-in-the-door message across to one rude person this evening but, honestly, I am just not vindictive.

So I moved to the other side of the foyer to continue browsing the new row of clearance books.

A few seconds later, this lanky teenager storms out of B&N, a stack of books in his hand with a pissed-off look on his face. He obviously didn't care that he pushed the door right into me a little harder than accidentally. If I really wanted to take out my irritation on the Rude Person of the Evening, HE would be the one person I could unleash on and not feel one ounce of remorse. It took so much restraint on my part to not run after his puny head and trip him. Oops, I didn't see you there just like you didn't see me standing in the foyer--little twirp!! But not wanting to cause a scene, I only shot invisible arrows through his scrawny back, my temper boiling.

A lady walks in to the foyer. She opens the door...on the side I was standing one, glancing at me as if to say I am in her way (or maybe she was checking the door clearance but I interpreted her body language for the former). WTF?! I wanted to say, HELLO--there is another door that you could go through but there isn't another foyer of clearance books you old prissy hag.

That was enough for me. Either I am the totally rude one for not getting out of people's way or I am the over-sensitive one who is letting these people get to me or these patrons are just outright rude!!

The only person that seemed to notice that I was there was this man handing out flyers for a local church. (He asked me if I already have a church. I said no. He handed me this flyer for one in the neighborhood and then asked me if I currently attend a church. I said no. Then he asked me if I have a religion. Whether I have one or not, I was NOT about to have a conversation with a complete stranger about my beliefs--in a bookstore--especially while I am pissed. I responded no. He then handed me another flyer saying I should also read that one. Geezus!!)

Maybe I shouldn't wait for when someone to walk into the door because of my foot stopper. It seems that the people coming and going from this Barnes & Nobles are just downright rude and what I need to do is march right into the bookstore and find a good little this one.

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Anonymous said...

You should have punched them That is what I would have done.