Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Plan A: Potty Train Havi and Elgy

Many years ago, I successfully potty trained a cat I had simply by using plastic wrap (lift the seat, stretch plastic wrap taught over toilet, place a small scoop (1 cup or less) of litter at the center of the plastic wrap, put down the seat, and placed my cat on the seat to check his new potty center out). My cat used the toilet on the first try. He scratched at the litter, his nail broke the saran wrap, the litter fell into the toilet, he turned around on the seat and did #2. AWESOME!

I now have two young cats and, a few weekends ago, tried to train the older one using the same method but I didn't have quite the same success this time around. Instead of sitting on the toilet seat, she sat directly in the middle--ON the plastic wrap and proceeded to make her I'm-gonna-poop-face. Johnny and I were watching in anticipation but the worse happened...she broke through the barrier the plastic wrap made. It was a complete mess (the litter bounced off the plastic wrap like a bunch of kids jumping off a trampoline) and she so was startled after her leg broke through the plastic and ended up in the toilet water--she scrambled out of the toilet and bathroom. So I immediately stopped the potty training for fear that she would shy away from the toilet after having this horrible experience.

I decided I needed some help and so I got this CittiKitty toilet training kit which finally arrived in the mail today. We’ll see if my cats have any success using this kit but I am willing to give it a try in hopes of never needing to scoop the litter box again.
Wish me luck!

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