Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lazy Days

Today, is the first day since the end of the semester where I have absolutely nothing to do and I'm gonna do just that! Besides the normal chores of being a domestic wife, I have no plans to do anything and can't tell you how nice today will be.
I just woke up and hour ago and am still sitting here naked, checking out a boating forum to which my husband and I belong, responding to posts. Meanwhile my kitty, Elgy, is biting at my belly ring. I'm not too worried about her successfully ripping the ring out from my body as I am worried about her breaking off the delicate pieces and choking on it so I gave her a toy to play with.

I think I will set up the new PDA phone I recently got! It's the T-Mobile Wing and it has the features of a PDA with the combined functionality of a phone.
My HP iPAQ hx2795 Pocket PC is on eBay as we speak. The listing ends today.
Then I'll take my husband some lunch at his work and make the techie geeks (his sales manager and general manager) drool at my new toy. Oh ... I just love how I make plans after resolving to do NOTHING today.
But one thing I have to do today since the weather is so beautiful is lay out in the back yard and tan my bum. And, yes, Annejelynn...I will put on some heavy sunscreen.


Annejelynn said...

good girl! Use that sunscreen EVERYDAY! It'll help keep ya lookin' hot n' gorgeous and fresh faces n' YOUNG!

Anonymous said...

yep u r rite,looks gorgeous..