Thursday, June 28, 2007

What you should know before getting LASIK

I just had my three-week follow up for LASIK surgery and I'm happy to report that my vision is 20/17.5 (20/15 in my right eye and 20/20 in my left eye). That is quite an improvement from 20/CF. (CF = Counting Fingers.)

It is such a thrill to be able to do the one thing I've never been able to do before--drive without contacts or glasses for the first time in my life. I can see my alarm clock at night. When I wake up, I can see my toes! There is NOTHING between me and the world now. I can see with my very own eyeballs and that is a miracle in my opinion.

Was LASIK worth it? YES. Every penny. But the entire process was not without a little minor adjustment in my routine.

Some things to take into consideration if you decide to have the surgery:

  • First, (this was the best advice I got) get a consultation to see if you are even a candidate (My husband and I did some research and found some helpful sites which addressed my questions and explained the difference between some of the cheapo-never-more-than-$499/eye-centers, the quality care and service for your money centers, and the where-will-ALL-my-money-go? centers). I got some opinions from those with first hand experience, asked for referrals, and went to a couple consultations before making my decision on the doctor that I would trust to cut my eyes up.
  • If you are a contact wearer, you'll need to be out of your contacts for at least two weeks if not longer, like a month. I didn't have current eyeglass prescription so I purchased new lenses for my old glasses. (Try wearing your glasses underneath sunglasses while you're out on Lake Havasu.)
  • You'll need to pick up a box of preservative-free artificial tears (roughly $17 at Costco) and fill your prescription for antibiotic eye drops (ranging anywhere from $50-ish if you have insurance to $80-ish if you don't have insurance). I heard you can negotiate with the pharmacy though I don't know if there is any truth to that. (Dr. Gorski: your insight please?)
  • A few days before the surgery, they will do a more in depth exam than during the consultation (measure tearing, eye dialation, etc.)
The day of the surgery, I was so nervous but a bit of Valium did the job!

Now comes the hard part--AFTER THE SURGERY.
  • Use one drop of antibiotic 4 times per day for five days
  • Use one drop of anti-inflammatory 4 times per day for five days (I wasn't too fond of these drops. One of them left a bad taste in my mouth (literally) every time.)
  • Use preservative artificial tears 15-30 minutes for the first day of procedure, every hour from day 2 to day 30 after surgery. Because I opted for collagen punctal plugs in my tear ducts that would last 6 mos., I only need to use the artificial tLASIK gogglesears every 2 to 3 hours on day 2 through 30.
  • Wear these uber sexy goggles to protect my eyes while sleeping or napping for the first 1-2 weeks. (Don't I just look smokin'?!)
  • No eye makeup for a week. (It's okay, I didn't have any eye lashes to put mascara on anyway).
  • No water in my eyes for 2 weeks--which means I either have to keep my eyes closed while showering (how else am I going to clean myself?) or I can wear goggles (which is not easy to do while shampooing or conditioning my hair)
  • No rubbing my eyes for 3 mos., no squeezing eyes shut, no squinting, no strenuous exercise for a week (not a problem this last instruction...LOL)
  • For the hours after the procedure, no watching TV, reading, computer work (which meant no blogging), or going anywhere. They basically wanted me to sleep--which I did. Besides, I couldn't see clearly immediatly after the surgery any way (I didn't get to sit up from the surgery table and see right away like I've heard happening. My vision was murky, like being under water or in a room of smoke. It wasn't until the next morning that I saw clearly and boy was it the most glorious feeling to be able to see with my very own eyes!) I had no problems checking out from the time I got home around 5:30 p.m. (four hours later from check-in) all the way until the next morning. I only got up for a brief moment to see my husband when he came home from work (he brought cut flowers and my favorite foods (pad-see-ow and squid salad) from my favorite Thai restaurant). After that, I crashed until 2:30 a.m. when I forced myself awake to use the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops I should have used before bed time.
  • FINALLY--the last instruction (not found anywhere on the post-procedure instruction I was given but nevertheless and important point) NO ALCOHOL while I am using the antibiotic drops. (This...was hard for me to swallow but for the most part, I adhered to the post-procedure instructions.)

That's it. That's all you have to do. In my opinion, it's not that much of a temporary inconvenience to be able to see free and clear (hopefully) for a very, very long time.

Toilet Training - Week 1

cat toilet training
Despite some resistance at the beginning of their toilet training, Havi and Elgy are making great progress. (Tip: snacks are very helpful in getting their cooperation)

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Worthy Cause

Many times I dread going to my local grocery store because the sharks of people camping outside the entrance--all to collect donations for one "cause" or another. Some are legitimate and others have left me skeptical.

It's not that I am against donating towards a worthy cause. I just often wonder how the funds will be spent and if it will truly benefit its true purpose.

One time I was stopped on my way out of a grocery store by a man who had a petition to keep prayers in school. Not having children of my own, I signed the petition anyway believing I could help support the petition.

He then tried to sell me some discount grocery card or something for ten dollars and the only cash I had on me was five dollars so I didn't quite have enough to buy it. Then he asked if I could donate something. Of course I felt obligated since he already saw the cash that I had so I handed him my paper bill feeling that I just got taken. Then later thinking I should have asked for a donation receipt to keep that man honest.

It's situations like this that leave me feeling...stingy (for lack of better words) towards some "fundraisers". Now I am much more discerning about which cause I give my dollars to. I still donate to the Revlon Run/Walk for Women and MS Walk to support friends and honor survivors.

Today, I've found another reason to donate after watching a video of this woman (with the biggest heart) who paints portraits of fallen soldiers and sends them to their families. I was moved after watching the video and, feeling helpless, did some research on her and came upon Project Compassion.

Finally, another worthy cause that definitely deserves a portion of our donation budget.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The look of a guilty kitty

I'm in your bathroom...
Elgy shreds paper towels the floor.

Elgy shreds paper towels

(Wish you could have seen all the little bits of shredded paper towels strewn throughout the hallways of our house!)

Seatbelts aren't just the law...

They are AWESOME for keeping my lunch and things from ending up all over the floor of my car when I have to come to a sudden stop.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer is a time to...

Inhale the sweet smell of catnip...

...either alone...

...or share with a friend.

It's also a great time to pass the evening with some bug watching.

Happy 1st day of summer to everyone!! Hope you have a fantastic and safe season.

Yours Truly,
Havi and Elgy
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I got a feelin' like...

...somebody is watching me.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Plan A: Potty Train Havi and Elgy

Many years ago, I successfully potty trained a cat I had simply by using plastic wrap (lift the seat, stretch plastic wrap taught over toilet, place a small scoop (1 cup or less) of litter at the center of the plastic wrap, put down the seat, and placed my cat on the seat to check his new potty center out). My cat used the toilet on the first try. He scratched at the litter, his nail broke the saran wrap, the litter fell into the toilet, he turned around on the seat and did #2. AWESOME!

I now have two young cats and, a few weekends ago, tried to train the older one using the same method but I didn't have quite the same success this time around. Instead of sitting on the toilet seat, she sat directly in the middle--ON the plastic wrap and proceeded to make her I'm-gonna-poop-face. Johnny and I were watching in anticipation but the worse happened...she broke through the barrier the plastic wrap made. It was a complete mess (the litter bounced off the plastic wrap like a bunch of kids jumping off a trampoline) and she so was startled after her leg broke through the plastic and ended up in the toilet water--she scrambled out of the toilet and bathroom. So I immediately stopped the potty training for fear that she would shy away from the toilet after having this horrible experience.

I decided I needed some help and so I got this CittiKitty toilet training kit which finally arrived in the mail today. We’ll see if my cats have any success using this kit but I am willing to give it a try in hopes of never needing to scoop the litter box again.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sound Familiar?

Correct me if I am wrong but I think this applies to everybody (at least at one point in their life if not EVERY DAY!)

There are so many things to do that there aren't enough hours in the day. Although you can enjoy the wide range of experiences, a part of you longs for deeper meaning. You may feel preoccupied by all the external noise in your life right now and wish that you had the time and wherewithal to delve into the pleasures that you know are waiting somewhere far away. Be patient; your chance will come.
Note to self: "somewhere far way" = Hawaii or Cabo...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Got Clocked!

Father's Day is coming up and I am at a total loss when it comes to ideas on what to get my father-in-law to show him how much we appreciate all he has done for us in the past year.

Men, in general, are hard to buy for since they have hobbies like guns and cars that I know so little about. So I have been on a quest to find a creative personal gift when I came upon where I can get a cool personalized clock for my Pop (and just about anyone else).

This new product just launched about a month ago on May 14, 2007 and it has taken off in Europe and Asia. Apparently, "it's the David Hasselhoff of clocks!" In fact, is so popular, it was named "Dot-Com of the Day" for a top Japanese website.

So...I am thinking of getting one for John just like this one below because he loves Western stuff and is an active member of a cowboy action shooting club. (I also think his cat, Yazi, will be greatly amused by the clock.)

And maybe one for my sweetheart as a gag gift. I would call this one "Boating Time" because every minute is a perfect time to be out on the lake.

Good idea? Yay or Nay?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm in Your Trash...Stealing Your Garbage

Elgy had tipped the wastebasket over and had been taking a nap in it until the flashes from my camera woke her up.
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lake Mead

Last weekend we were out on Lake Mead with our friends, Ryan and Kristen, on their boat.

It was a risky move for me having had LASIK just two days ago but a) we wanted to spend the day with our friends, b) we have never ridden on their boat, c) it was a great way to celebrate the weekend of my sweetheart's birthday and d) our boat is up for sale at a boat dealer.

Until our new boat is out of production, what a perfect way to spend some time with friends and enjoy the lake!

Here we are relaxing at Wishing Well.

Kristen drives us back to the Callville Bay Marina.

Lazy Days

Today, is the first day since the end of the semester where I have absolutely nothing to do and I'm gonna do just that! Besides the normal chores of being a domestic wife, I have no plans to do anything and can't tell you how nice today will be.
I just woke up and hour ago and am still sitting here naked, checking out a boating forum to which my husband and I belong, responding to posts. Meanwhile my kitty, Elgy, is biting at my belly ring. I'm not too worried about her successfully ripping the ring out from my body as I am worried about her breaking off the delicate pieces and choking on it so I gave her a toy to play with.

I think I will set up the new PDA phone I recently got! It's the T-Mobile Wing and it has the features of a PDA with the combined functionality of a phone.
My HP iPAQ hx2795 Pocket PC is on eBay as we speak. The listing ends today.
Then I'll take my husband some lunch at his work and make the techie geeks (his sales manager and general manager) drool at my new toy. Oh ... I just love how I make plans after resolving to do NOTHING today.
But one thing I have to do today since the weather is so beautiful is lay out in the back yard and tan my bum. And, yes, Annejelynn...I will put on some heavy sunscreen.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My experience tonight at a local bookstore left me wondering what has happened to courtesy and kindness these days? Are people just generally rude and I just never noticed it because I was a young buck and equally as careless about what others thought or am I noticing it more and more because I am trying to be more thoughtful and caring in my older age?

After dinner at the Guadalajara in the Sunset Station, my husband and I decided to stop by a nearby Barnes & Noble. (We love that Mexican restaurant because it has this kickin' salsa bar which has at least eight different salsas ranging from mild to hot--just how I like it.) I had a gift card, given to me by a friend (Dan), as a graduation gift that I was burning a hole in my pocket. Finally, a chance to buy some books that were not textbooks! Meanwhile, my husband wanted to hit the magazine section for the latest issue of Powerboat. This particular publication is special because he has a friend and boat builder whose company is featured in there.

As usual, I never quite make it all the way into the bookstore but instead get caught in the foyer where the clearance books are displayed. There are two double doors that open from the bookstore into the foyer and two double doors that open from the foyer to the outside.

So I am standing there, checking out some books when a couple comes out of the bookstore, opening the door that was closer to me and bumped the door into me. I was a little irked but gave them the benefit of the doubt that perhaps they pushed the door a little too hard and it swung a little too wide. However gentle the bump, I didn't think it was necessary. It wasn't like I was right in front of the door and they couldn't get through.

The next couple that came into the foyer area, opened the door where I was standing in front of. Okay, I thought, maybe he's left handed and it is a habit for him to open the door with his left hand for his girl. Or maybe the door I was standing in front of is the only way to get in where the other door is the only way to come out. Perhaps the doors only swing one way or was missing a handle (push on one end, pull on the other). I took a quick glance. WRONG. There were handles on BOTH doors so that guy had a choice on which door he could have opened. I was the only one in the foyer. He could've opened the door on the opposite side of where I was standing. It wasn't like anyone was coming out of the other door.

By now I was getting more irritated and I am normally a very patient person. Maybe I was PMSing but my patience was running thin real quick. I thought, you know...I am going to prop my foot up like door stopper so that the next person that opens the door a little too wide will get a nice surprise (and hint) when the door suddenly stops in their face. It wasn't like I was blocking the doorway or they didn't have an alternative door to enter and exit out of!! Am I being snotty here?!

So that's exactly what I did, looking out of the corner of my eye (now that I can see 20/20) for the next person to push on the door and BAMM--into my waiting foot. A guy approaches and...he cautiously opens the door. (Darn, this will not be my first victim). Seeing that he was watching out for me, I stepped way back to give him room--reciprocating his thoughtfulness for my safety.

Then I thought, this is silly. I really want to get my foot-in-the-door message across to one rude person this evening but, honestly, I am just not vindictive.

So I moved to the other side of the foyer to continue browsing the new row of clearance books.

A few seconds later, this lanky teenager storms out of B&N, a stack of books in his hand with a pissed-off look on his face. He obviously didn't care that he pushed the door right into me a little harder than accidentally. If I really wanted to take out my irritation on the Rude Person of the Evening, HE would be the one person I could unleash on and not feel one ounce of remorse. It took so much restraint on my part to not run after his puny head and trip him. Oops, I didn't see you there just like you didn't see me standing in the foyer--little twirp!! But not wanting to cause a scene, I only shot invisible arrows through his scrawny back, my temper boiling.

A lady walks in to the foyer. She opens the door...on the side I was standing one, glancing at me as if to say I am in her way (or maybe she was checking the door clearance but I interpreted her body language for the former). WTF?! I wanted to say, HELLO--there is another door that you could go through but there isn't another foyer of clearance books you old prissy hag.

That was enough for me. Either I am the totally rude one for not getting out of people's way or I am the over-sensitive one who is letting these people get to me or these patrons are just outright rude!!

The only person that seemed to notice that I was there was this man handing out flyers for a local church. (He asked me if I already have a church. I said no. He handed me this flyer for one in the neighborhood and then asked me if I currently attend a church. I said no. Then he asked me if I have a religion. Whether I have one or not, I was NOT about to have a conversation with a complete stranger about my beliefs--in a bookstore--especially while I am pissed. I responded no. He then handed me another flyer saying I should also read that one. Geezus!!)

Maybe I shouldn't wait for when someone to walk into the door because of my foot stopper. It seems that the people coming and going from this Barnes & Nobles are just downright rude and what I need to do is march right into the bookstore and find a good little this one.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Will I See?

Today is the day I will finally get LASIK surgery and fix my eyes. I have been a contact wearer for 12 years and it is hard for me to imagine what it will be like to see with my very own eyeballs. All I know is that it is going to be a great feeling, not to have to see the world through contact lens or glasses on which I have been so dependent.

What looked like this...

Will look like this.

Hey, who is that hot guy?! ; )