Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our Memorial Weekend

This weekend has got to be the best weekend ever! I know I say that about every weekend but it really was a lot of fun. From meeting the coolest people, to the boat we rode on, and the new spot where we beached for the day to an evening BBQ on the quiet waters, and finally a night out at the Red Room Nightclub--our day in Havasu will be one that Johnny and I will always remember.

A friend that my husband met off of HotBoat.com invited us to join him on his 30-foot deck boat for the Memorial Weekend and so we headed to Lake Havasu early on Sunday morning.

The day was absolutely perfect. Sunny with a slight breeze. We met Phat Matt at the Islander where we launched. Talk about being spoiled at the launch. Instead of launching at our usual spot at the Lake Havasu Marina, where I imagined it would be complete chaos and lines of boats waiting to launch (and parking nightmare) on this holiday weekend, we had the launch area all to ourselves. No one before us, no one waiting to launch after us. Completely stress-free.

Also with us was Phat Matt's girlfriend, Jen, and their dog, Buddy, their friends, Wes, and his wife, Audrey, and their dog, Izzy. (Whew!) All six of us and two of the sweetest canines sped through the lake, cruising at 70 m.p.h. past the Sand Bar (and other boaters), through Devil's Elbow all the way to Moabi Park near Topock. THAT was one of the wildest rides I have ever been on. I wish I knew more about boats than v-bottoms and cats because I would go into detail about Phat Matt's boat. All I can say about that experience is WOW! We sliced through the wakes that other boats and jet skis made like nothing where we would have felt a little turbulence on our boat.
We were soon at the spot where we would beach for the day. As we rounded the curve to Topock, you could see a row of boats after boats all along the coast of Moabi Park. This was a place that Johnny and I had never been to before and you bet we will visit that place more often. It was different from the Sand Bar (or the boat channel) in that we weren't in the middle where the waves from boats passing by didn't beat upon us or we were inhaling exhaust fumes and standing in stagnant greasy water. There were tons of people, families and pets soaking in the sun and BBQ's going at on Moabi.

We hung out there, meeting other Hot Boaters and drinking Jungle Juice and Wes, another HotBoat.com member's margarita concoction: a mixture of orange juice, margarita mix, and Tres Generations tequila (the smoothest tasting tequila) can be too easy to drink.

Then we sped back through the river to a cove where we tied up to couple other boats and BBQ'd hamburgers into the sunset. The water was calm as the sunlight disappeared and the lights on the homes along the shores lit up the lake--casting their reflections in the water. The evening could not have been better.

When we finally pulled the boat out of the water (I don't know how they do it with such a big boat but it was neat to be part of the process) and parked it in the RV lot (I don't know how Wes backed the boat up drunk but he did it better than I could have sober. I do remember him saying something about the irrelevance drunkenness and competency.)

After Johnny and I left the Islander, we went back to our friend's house where we were staying and got ready for a night out at the Red Room. (By the way, Tavis was out of town for a friend's wedding and he is so generous to let us stay at his place for the weekend).

Soon we were inside the Red Room, a small nightclub along the restaurant row that runs along the boat channel. It was amazing how many people were waiting in line but Phat Matt got us into the V.I.P. line and right into the door to where we were seated--the best seat in the house right next to the dance floor. There were so many weekend partiers there--some looked awfully young but I am sure it is my perception because I am getting older. Even as we left for the night, there was a long line of people still waiting to get inside. I can still hear the music, see the lights and feel mist that shot out into the hot crowd.

Needless to say we slept like a rock after a full day of fun before heading home early the next morning with our boat in tow (we had left at Tavis' the weekend before). It was good to be home and see our girls.

We spent Monday having our own little BBQ in the backyard and reminiscing over the awesome weekend that we had...


Anonymous said...

I hear that guy with the E-ticket is the coolest. :)

Hello Daly said...

Huh...who can this be? We heard differently ;)

That he ROCKS!! Heh, heh.

johnny said...

Wow, you are such a great writer. I love to read your stuff baby...

Anonymous said...

Are you still making posts or are you all done. You rock girl, nothing hotter than this. I want to see more.

Daly said...

@Anonymous: LOL...I'm still posting. I just haven't had a chance to catch up. Thank you for stopping by.