Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hurricane Elgy

Yesterday, Johnny and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner. As usual the kitties, Havi and Elgy, were playing on the kitchen floor, exploring the pantry and jumping off the chairs at the dining table in the breakfast nook. They are happy as long as they are hanging around near us.

One of their favorite play spots is underneath a built in desk at the end of the kitchen counter where we store our bulk sodas and recycling bins. I had used one of those large heavy-duty plastic bags with spaghetti handles (that you get as a take-home doggy bag at Steaks or Tillerman) as a catch-all for our aluminum and plastic recyclables. The cats love to play in and around the bag probably because of the crunching noise it makes.

This time the bag happened to be empty but for an empty can of Dr. Pepper and so Elgy jumped into the bag and was playing in it. I guess when she jumped out, she went through one of the handles of the bag and, if you can't tell, Elgy has a belly on her so she got stuck.

The sound of the bag and the can rattling inside startled her as she tried to run away from it--right into the garbage can near the exit of the kitchen with a CRASH-BANG!!

From that point, she ran into the adjacent living room (bag still attached to her) ricocheted off one wall, to bounce off the other wall near the t.v. by my laptop and back into the kitchen.

If you had seen what I had seen, you would have been laughing your head off like I was. She was moving SO fast and her little paws were moving even faster beneath her as she dashed around like a mad little pinball.

Johnny had also noticed her frenzy but he wasn't as amused as I was. The nurturing part of him had some foresight that Elgy might injure herself and said, "Honey--stop her! She's gonna hurt herself." as he quickly caught her when she came flailing back into the kitchen.

I held her up as he cut the handle to the bag that was the ball-and-chain to her terrorizer. I could feel Elgy's heart race but she remained calm as she must have realized we were trying to free her. There was no way she would have been able to release herself from that bag. The strap was stuck around her like a zip tie.

After Johnny had cut the strap, I comforted Elgy by carrying her on my shoulder like a little baby--the way she likes to be held. She rested her little sweet head on my shoulder for the longest time, relieved to be free from the unrelenting grasp of the bag.

When her poor little heart had settled and I was sure she was no longer traumatized by her experience, I set her down in the living room--away from the kitchen and the now broken bag which still serves its purpose as a collector for our recyclables.

I don't think she will ever play in and around that bag ever again. Lesson learned I am sure.

Soon after that incident, I spotted Havi cautiously approaching said evil bag. She moved ever so slowly towards it, like a chameleon after its dinner. The hair on her back raised all along her spine, she was determined to check out the bag that attacked Elgy. Havi would not let that poor bag to rest until she was certain that it would no longer be a threat. Satisfied, she eventually wandered back into the living to play with Elgy.

I still laugh when I think about yesterday. Not at what must have been a stressful event for Elgy and her humiliation but at how fast she tried to run away from that bag. It was like a video playback at four times the speed--I have NEVER seen her move so fast but now I am confident that if she were ever in trouble, she can outrun anything. Anything.

So long as it was not a take-home doggy bag.
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Annejelynn said...

that 2nd photo of her, lickin' her lil chops, is the FREAKIN' cutest pic I've seen of Elgy yet!