Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Course of Study and New Place?

My horoscope today:
You Rams are the pioneers of the zodiac and can be enthusiastic about any
path of discovery. Your current long-term plans may include enrolling in a new
course of study or traveling to someplace you've never been. Now, however, you
may need to reconsider your options and take someone else's feelings into
consideration too. Don't fret; things will work out for the best.

Hmm...well, I have been thinking of taking a couple of graduate classes this fall though I am not certain they will be MBA classes, the program I had wanted to pursue months ago.

My sweet husband, when things are slow at work, he...let's just say gets creative.

Yesterday he mentioned to me that he would like to go to Cabo for five days in June saying, 'see what I do when things are slow at work--I look for ways to spend money'. Usually he's too busy to even think about what to do with himself.

But by June, we will be due for a vaction if we don't take one sooner. I would really like to go to Caribbean or Sri Lanka but honestly, I do not like the traveling portion. Long flights cut into my time to relax. Maybe later this year or next year when I can take more than a week off at a time and not feel rushed to get there and enjoy.

MMmm...I could use a vacation about now. Even if it is in my own backyard.

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