Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Those Darn Commercials

Every morning as I drive to work, I listen to AM talk radio. I think it's my feable attempt to avoid those annoying but inevitable commercials that play every other minute on the FM stations (and perhaps gain some useful information during my daily commute to work).

Like the commercials for automobile insurance. Don't you just hate it when they play horn sounds in their ads?

As if I need another reason to be on edge about getting in a car accident, in the morning, on the way to work--again.

I'm going to go off on a tangent here:
I still cringe every time I look in the rear view mirror and a car comes to stop behind my car. My accident was a little fender bender but it was a HUGE inconvenience in my life which turned out to be a four month ordeal to settle. So I cringe not at the thought of pain, but at the thought of having to deal with insurance companies, repairs in the auto shop, and shifting from rental car to rental
car--the entire hassle.

Drivers in Vegas are just plain crazy and unattentive. It's not the
aggressive and deliberate craziness driving like in L.A.--at least they're
paying attention (to what they're doing, not anyone else) because they're on a mission and those who don't get out of their way tend to get caught in a wreck.

Here I can mind my own business at a dead stop in traffic and getrear-ended by a teenage girl on her cell phone thinking her Kia is on autopilot. So no matter how good of a driver I am, I couldn't avoid getting in an accident.

I make a mental note not to shop those companies who use car horn sounds in their radio commercials. The slight satisfaction I get for them messing with my head.

On a lighter note, I would like to wish John and Maggie a happy 36th anniversary and many more years of love and happiness!!

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Hello Daly said...

By the way, I found this on LasVegasNOW.com:

We want to hear from YOU!

What are your traffic concerns and questions... What's Driving YOU Crazy!!?

The Las Vegas Valley can be tough to get around with all the congestion and construction. It can be frustrating to many drivers.

Traffic Anchor Dayna Roselli will provide the answers to your questions each day on Eyewitness News This Morning from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Email Dayna and the Skywitness 8 Traffic Team:


You BET I will be sending my list!!