Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Paddies Day Weekend

I woke up this morning with a mild headache. My hands were trembling. Yep, it was certainly a hangover. Something I haven't had in a long while.

We had company over for cocktails and dinner last night. It was our first time entertaining and a total of eight people at that. Nope--no easing into it for me. Just WHAM! (but I think Martha Stewart may have been proud.)

Johnny had set up several tikki torches in the backyard and hung a couple strings of Italian cafe lights underneath the patio; it was a romantic scene. Then we played the Gypsy Kings album through the DVD player and sipped Cranberry Margaritas and other potions while Johnny grilled steak, asparagus, shrimp skewers with red onions. Our other guests brought Spanish rice and on top of the appetizers there was plenty to eat. We had fun dining outside in the warm spring evening!

This morning while I was carefully washing the martini glasses, a pool of soapy water on the left and an empty sink on the right, I remembered when I had lived with this couple in WA who had three young daughters. I was in the kitchen one morning when the middle daughter was washing some of her dishes after breakfast. A milk cup, spoon, and cereal bowl.

"Who taught you how to wash dishes, huh?!" Her mother had entered the kitchen and scolded her after observing the little girl washing the dishes. She was scrubbing and rinsing each item one by one instead of scrubbing all of them and then rinsing all at once.

I had hoped that the mom didn't think that her daughter had learned her dishwashing skills from me because I certainly didn't know "the right way". But I certainly didn't teach her and it was obvious her mother didn't either.

I don't think anyone had actually taught me "the right way" to wash dishes...maybe it's an intuitive part of being a female (but maybe not). I found my own way and after watching others through the years, learned a better way to perfect this craft. Luckily my mom had never reprimanded me for improperly washing the dishes. I think with seven people in our household for her to clean up after, she was just happy that I washed my own dishes.

Meanwhile, the little girls are doing fine. They enjoyed having company and were on their best behavior. Unfortunately, Havi developed pink eye or something (her one eye is red and watering) so Johnny took her to the vet after taking Elgy to have her stitches removed earlier the same morning. (Elgy has recently developed the same condition and so Johnny is pulling his eye brow hair out with these kids...LOL) We just hope Elgy recovers from the upper respiratory infection she's had since she was brought home from the shelter and both girls are healthy again soon.

We also went to Lake Mead on Sunday and dropped our boat in the water. The day was absolutely perfect--sunny and warm so we enjoyed the day out with our friends, Ryan and Dirk, who later joined us in Ryan and Kristen's new boat. What a sexy couple, eh?

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