Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mug Shot

I received a voice mail this morning from one of the faculty members in the department on campus where I use to work.

"Hey, Daly. Give me a call. I have something for ya. I'm here at the Starbucks (on campus) waiting in line."

Starbucks 16 oz. Cypress Extreme MugThere at Starbucks, a bag was waiting for me and there it was, low and behold--MY NEW MUG!!

Ever since I lost my old red one, purchased with a Starbucks gift card given to me for Christmas by the aforementioned faculty member, I've been on a witch hunt for the same mug for a whole month with no luck.

I found a couple mugs on eBay, bidding for at least $40!! (Mind you, my red mug was on sale for $19.95 when I purchased it.) And the mugs for bid were gently used.

I've Googled, Froogled, and browsed blogs looking for the maker of this mug and to purchase it. (There's a lot of similar looking ones out there carried by Bed Bath & Beyond and Target but none were the vacuum-sealed ones like this mug; they're foam insulated). I heard Costco sold it but Costco wasn't carrying it when I went looking to buy.

To many people, it may just be any 'ol mug but I tell you, it keeps my coffee hotter than heck and leak-proof! Alas! Couldn't have been better timing for the perfect birthday present.

I LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! Thank you, Dan and Anne! Posted by Picasa


Annejelynn said...

oh wow! how nyce! how uber uber nyce of them! very very nyce. wow.
(can you tell, I'm impressed?)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome honey. You have been crying about that stupid coffee cup for weeks... congrats on the new one. It looks exactly like the old one, but blue.

Dolly said...

Hello Daly! I almost bought you a coffe mug today. But all the ones I saw were too cheap. And if it leaks it's not a good mug. Well I'll be stopping by your offfice (cubicle) to drop off my gift. See you later- Dolly

help much needed said...

HI! I have been looking for the SAME MUG!! and i CANNOT FIND IT!! Please tell me where they found it. My friend took mine and wont give it back because its THAT GOOD! and i want it back; and she wont give it unless i buy her one too. WHERE DO I GET ONE FROM!! PLEASE HELP!

Daly said...

@Dolly: you are always so thoughtful.

@help much needed: sadly I have not found another mug like it and I have looked for different brands. Starbucks does make some good ones. I look for double-walled so that it keeps your drink hot and a good seal so your mug doesn't leak. If I ever find this same mug, I will let you know.

Daly said...

@help much needed: is THIS our lucky day or WHAT?!? Someone in my office has the same exact blue mug except he got it from Costco. The brand is called Contigo and this Contigo Extreme 16 oz. Travel Mug on True Value's website appears to be the same one as the Starbucks coffee mug!