Sunday, March 04, 2007

Marchin' On...

It's been about a month since I started my new job. All is going well and I'm learning a lot. The only thing I dread about my the commute. What commute--in Vegas, you say? (I know, one doesn't know how bad traffic is until they've driven in L.A. and I have--I use to live there.)

But in Vegas, it's not really the traffic, it's the way people drive that drives me crazy. Each day there is always something and it's a wonder I don't get in an accident every day. I could go on and on about the crazy and annoying things I see people do while driving but I'm not interested in pointing out everyone's little faults. This post will serve as my only post to rant about the drivers in Vegas.

I'll start with one that I can't help but let bug me each day because I go through several of these on my way to and from work.

4-way stop signs.

Drivers here do not seem to know how to use them. But my new route to work gets me to there with very little headache so I just grin and bear it.

Time is flying by so fast, it is hard for me to believe that I will be having a milestone birthday soon. A year ago this month, I was planning a wedding, counting down to the big day. We got our marriage license, a new ring for me, couple new cars, I got my loan officer's license (which I didn't do a thing with), it was the one-year anniversary for me in my job at UNLV, and the 35th anniversary for my parent in-laws.

A lot has happened in that month alone...and now one year later, we are in March again.

Lately, my husband and I have been busy working around the house. We changed up the lounge though it wasn't quite finished yet. This time, we picked up a couple of mahogany java bamboo roman shades from Lowe's to replace the vinyl mini blinds and a black shag carpet to switch out with the cream colored one. Now the lounge is finished compared to what it was like a couple months before. I can't wait to see it in the evening.

We also installed a new stainless steel microwave. The old one quit rotating and so this one will be nice--especially because it's working!

The next project is to paint the guest bathroom, install new countertops in the kitchen and refinish the cabinets. We're thinking of painting or staining the cabinets a dark brown or black and replace the hardware with brushed aluminum knobs.

It seems there's always something to do around the house. In the middle of one of the coldest days in Vegas, our heating system stopped circulating warm air and the fan wouldn't shut down so needless to say, it was very cold in the house and so we called in someone to inspect it.

I slipped on my down jacket and nested Havi inside to keep her warm. She is so cute. Very social, loving, and not afraid of strangers. We are lucky to have her and treat her like the princess she is (and she knows it). We hope to find her a friend to keep each other company because she's so affectionate and playful but we can't always be around for her. (Right now she is sitting next to me, under my arms watching me compose my blog, slipping in and out of her nap.)

I think I'll take a nap too, before I get up and assemble the above-the-toilet space saver cabinet. Then I have to check on a couple group assignments for class and complete a homework assignment due this week.

Johnny is washing both of our vehicles right now going to the shop to do a bike deal so it will be the perfect opportunity to take a little nappy nap with my precious kitty...

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Annejelynn said...

looking good! like the new shades and rug - - and your model (lil' Havi) for the shot of the lounge is a purrrfect touch!