Monday, March 12, 2007


So it's mid-March already.

I'm getting use to my new job.

This week is Spring Break so...the relief from classes all week is a big...uh...relief.

Went to Havasu yesterday to drop the boat in the water (which was a no-go because of the blasted wind).

Got a new kitty and named,, Elgy (pronounced like Elsby) because we couldn't settle on a name and kepted calling her "little girl". So "little girl" became "Little Girl" and "LG" (yeah, the refrigerator maker) so really Elgy pronounced like the letters "L"..."G".

How original. (If I were her, I would not like the way it looks when signing my name.)

But we like it! (And she seems to respond to it thus showing her support and liking for her new name.)

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