Sunday, March 04, 2007

Becoming Friends

I really like my new laptop.

Originally, the Windows Vista operating system was tough to get use to...the fading in and out, asking me if I really want to do something.


Are you sure?

Yes. I am just trying to move a file to the trash (which I can restore) YES delete it you [curses].

I had to turn that safety setting off.

And then of course, all the HP diagnostic, help center stuff that would launch every time I started Windows.

Because of that, it took forever to start up so I chose selective startup and now it simply starts in seconds flat.

I love the side bar where the calendar, clock, latest news feeds and slideshow of one of my favorite albums, my Food Journal. And built-in 1.3MP web cam (which I haven't had a chance to use yet.)

We had a rough start but I think Vista and I are becoming friends just fine...


Annejelynn said...

I love your TuneFeed ! who or what is this Ferry Corsten? me likey!

Hello Daly said...

Yeah, he has a MySpace where you'll find more info on his album and sample some of his songs.