Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Advice

My horoscope today:

"You may be facing a basic conflict between needing to work and wanting to play, yet you aren't receiving enough support to ease your concerns.
Let's face it: you have been burning the midnight oil in order to get everything finished. Unfortunately, it's not quite time yet to slow down. Pace yourself until you complete your work. The fun will follow."

(Yeah, May 12th baby!!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mug Shot

I received a voice mail this morning from one of the faculty members in the department on campus where I use to work.

"Hey, Daly. Give me a call. I have something for ya. I'm here at the Starbucks (on campus) waiting in line."

Starbucks 16 oz. Cypress Extreme MugThere at Starbucks, a bag was waiting for me and there it was, low and behold--MY NEW MUG!!

Ever since I lost my old red one, purchased with a Starbucks gift card given to me for Christmas by the aforementioned faculty member, I've been on a witch hunt for the same mug for a whole month with no luck.

I found a couple mugs on eBay, bidding for at least $40!! (Mind you, my red mug was on sale for $19.95 when I purchased it.) And the mugs for bid were gently used.

I've Googled, Froogled, and browsed blogs looking for the maker of this mug and to purchase it. (There's a lot of similar looking ones out there carried by Bed Bath & Beyond and Target but none were the vacuum-sealed ones like this mug; they're foam insulated). I heard Costco sold it but Costco wasn't carrying it when I went looking to buy.

To many people, it may just be any 'ol mug but I tell you, it keeps my coffee hotter than heck and leak-proof! Alas! Couldn't have been better timing for the perfect birthday present.

I LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! Thank you, Dan and Anne! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Paddies Day Weekend

I woke up this morning with a mild headache. My hands were trembling. Yep, it was certainly a hangover. Something I haven't had in a long while.

We had company over for cocktails and dinner last night. It was our first time entertaining and a total of eight people at that. Nope--no easing into it for me. Just WHAM! (but I think Martha Stewart may have been proud.)

Johnny had set up several tikki torches in the backyard and hung a couple strings of Italian cafe lights underneath the patio; it was a romantic scene. Then we played the Gypsy Kings album through the DVD player and sipped Cranberry Margaritas and other potions while Johnny grilled steak, asparagus, shrimp skewers with red onions. Our other guests brought Spanish rice and on top of the appetizers there was plenty to eat. We had fun dining outside in the warm spring evening!

This morning while I was carefully washing the martini glasses, a pool of soapy water on the left and an empty sink on the right, I remembered when I had lived with this couple in WA who had three young daughters. I was in the kitchen one morning when the middle daughter was washing some of her dishes after breakfast. A milk cup, spoon, and cereal bowl.

"Who taught you how to wash dishes, huh?!" Her mother had entered the kitchen and scolded her after observing the little girl washing the dishes. She was scrubbing and rinsing each item one by one instead of scrubbing all of them and then rinsing all at once.

I had hoped that the mom didn't think that her daughter had learned her dishwashing skills from me because I certainly didn't know "the right way". But I certainly didn't teach her and it was obvious her mother didn't either.

I don't think anyone had actually taught me "the right way" to wash dishes...maybe it's an intuitive part of being a female (but maybe not). I found my own way and after watching others through the years, learned a better way to perfect this craft. Luckily my mom had never reprimanded me for improperly washing the dishes. I think with seven people in our household for her to clean up after, she was just happy that I washed my own dishes.

Meanwhile, the little girls are doing fine. They enjoyed having company and were on their best behavior. Unfortunately, Havi developed pink eye or something (her one eye is red and watering) so Johnny took her to the vet after taking Elgy to have her stitches removed earlier the same morning. (Elgy has recently developed the same condition and so Johnny is pulling his eye brow hair out with these kids...LOL) We just hope Elgy recovers from the upper respiratory infection she's had since she was brought home from the shelter and both girls are healthy again soon.

We also went to Lake Mead on Sunday and dropped our boat in the water. The day was absolutely perfect--sunny and warm so we enjoyed the day out with our friends, Ryan and Dirk, who later joined us in Ryan and Kristen's new boat. What a sexy couple, eh?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Havi and Elgy

Havi and Elgy are adjusting. They have started interacting with each other but Elgy is not as active. She has a little cold and was sneezing over everything and everybody so we had to quarantine her...LOL!!

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Monday, March 12, 2007


So it's mid-March already.

I'm getting use to my new job.

This week is Spring Break so...the relief from classes all week is a big...uh...relief.

Went to Havasu yesterday to drop the boat in the water (which was a no-go because of the blasted wind).

Got a new kitty and named her...Cabo...no, Tiki...no, Elgy (pronounced like Elsby) because we couldn't settle on a name and kepted calling her "little girl". So "little girl" became "Little Girl" and "LG" (yeah, the refrigerator maker) so really Elgy pronounced like the letters "L"..."G".

How original. (If I were her, I would not like the way it looks when signing my name.)

But we like it! (And she seems to respond to it thus showing her support and liking for her new name.)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Those Darn Commercials

Every morning as I drive to work, I listen to AM talk radio. I think it's my feable attempt to avoid those annoying but inevitable commercials that play every other minute on the FM stations (and perhaps gain some useful information during my daily commute to work).

Like the commercials for automobile insurance. Don't you just hate it when they play horn sounds in their ads?

As if I need another reason to be on edge about getting in a car accident, in the morning, on the way to work--again.

I'm going to go off on a tangent here:
I still cringe every time I look in the rear view mirror and a car comes to stop behind my car. My accident was a little fender bender but it was a HUGE inconvenience in my life which turned out to be a four month ordeal to settle. So I cringe not at the thought of pain, but at the thought of having to deal with insurance companies, repairs in the auto shop, and shifting from rental car to rental
car--the entire hassle.

Drivers in Vegas are just plain crazy and unattentive. It's not the
aggressive and deliberate craziness driving like in L.A.--at least they're
paying attention (to what they're doing, not anyone else) because they're on a mission and those who don't get out of their way tend to get caught in a wreck.

Here I can mind my own business at a dead stop in traffic and getrear-ended by a teenage girl on her cell phone thinking her Kia is on autopilot. So no matter how good of a driver I am, I couldn't avoid getting in an accident.

I make a mental note not to shop those companies who use car horn sounds in their radio commercials. The slight satisfaction I get for them messing with my head.

On a lighter note, I would like to wish John and Maggie a happy 36th anniversary and many more years of love and happiness!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Becoming Friends

I really like my new laptop.

Originally, the Windows Vista operating system was tough to get use to...the fading in and out, asking me if I really want to do something.


Are you sure?

Yes. I am just trying to move a file to the trash (which I can restore)...so YES delete it you [curses].

I had to turn that safety setting off.

And then of course, all the HP diagnostic, help center stuff that would launch every time I started Windows.

Because of that, it took forever to start up so I chose selective startup and now it simply starts in seconds flat.

I love the side bar where the calendar, clock, latest news feeds and slideshow of one of my favorite albums, my Food Journal. And built-in 1.3MP web cam (which I haven't had a chance to use yet.)

We had a rough start but I think Vista and I are becoming friends just fine...

Marchin' On...

It's been about a month since I started my new job. All is going well and I'm learning a lot. The only thing I dread about my job...is the commute. What commute--in Vegas, you say? (I know, one doesn't know how bad traffic is until they've driven in L.A. and I have--I use to live there.)

But in Vegas, it's not really the traffic, it's the way people drive that drives me crazy. Each day there is always something and it's a wonder I don't get in an accident every day. I could go on and on about the crazy and annoying things I see people do while driving but I'm not interested in pointing out everyone's little faults. This post will serve as my only post to rant about the drivers in Vegas.

I'll start with one that I can't help but let bug me each day because I go through several of these on my way to and from work.

4-way stop signs.

Drivers here do not seem to know how to use them. But my new route to work gets me to there with very little headache so I just grin and bear it.

Time is flying by so fast, it is hard for me to believe that I will be having a milestone birthday soon. A year ago this month, I was planning a wedding, counting down to the big day. We got our marriage license, a new ring for me, couple new cars, I got my loan officer's license (which I didn't do a thing with), it was the one-year anniversary for me in my job at UNLV, and the 35th anniversary for my parent in-laws.

A lot has happened in that month alone...and now one year later, we are in March again.

Lately, my husband and I have been busy working around the house. We changed up the lounge though it wasn't quite finished yet. This time, we picked up a couple of mahogany java bamboo roman shades from Lowe's to replace the vinyl mini blinds and a black shag carpet to switch out with the cream colored one. Now the lounge is finished compared to what it was like a couple months before. I can't wait to see it in the evening.

We also installed a new stainless steel microwave. The old one quit rotating and so this one will be nice--especially because it's working!

The next project is to paint the guest bathroom, install new countertops in the kitchen and refinish the cabinets. We're thinking of painting or staining the cabinets a dark brown or black and replace the hardware with brushed aluminum knobs.

It seems there's always something to do around the house. In the middle of one of the coldest days in Vegas, our heating system stopped circulating warm air and the fan wouldn't shut down so needless to say, it was very cold in the house and so we called in someone to inspect it.

I slipped on my down jacket and nested Havi inside to keep her warm. She is so cute. Very social, loving, and not afraid of strangers. We are lucky to have her and treat her like the princess she is (and she knows it). We hope to find her a friend to keep each other company because she's so affectionate and playful but we can't always be around for her. (Right now she is sitting next to me, under my arms watching me compose my blog, slipping in and out of her nap.)

I think I'll take a nap too, before I get up and assemble the above-the-toilet space saver cabinet. Then I have to check on a couple group assignments for class and complete a homework assignment due this week.

Johnny is washing both of our vehicles right now going to the shop to do a bike deal so it will be the perfect opportunity to take a little nappy nap with my precious kitty...