Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Toy and Thai Food

HP Pavilion dv2000
Guess what I got this year for my Valentine's Day gift...a new laptop! The HP dv225 nr from Best Buy. Partly funded by a gift certificate from my previous job and the rest from my husband. He got a nice referral check from Towbin Dodge and gave it all to me so I can have a new laptop.
It's nothing fancy, just lighter than the Gateway he purchased for me a couple years ago, larger memory, hard drive and other features. I love it, love it except one minor comes preinstalled with Windows Vista and a lot of the software that I currently have does not appear to be compatible with Vista. It will take some adjustment...

On Sunday, what was a simple adventure to try new restaurants for lunch turned out to be a lengthy ordeal. Upon a recommendation we checked out this new restaurant called Smokehouse B.B.Q. Grill on Horizon Ridge Parkway in Henderson. After minutes of sitting there without acknowledgement or request for our drink order, a quick scan of the customers already in the restaurant (seeing that some had drinks while others were hungrily staring at their menu, waiting to be served)--we left. Clearly, they were a new establishment and understaffed.

Then we drove to the Fiesta, a casino near our house and we have never stepped foot inside after living near there for a year. The buffet was packed so we went down to the cafe on the first floor. It was a 25-minute wait but the bar was first-come first serve so we seated ourselves. Three times the waitress walked past us, back and forth, but she never once gave us a menu or greeted us. At least a simple, "Hey there! I'll be right with you". We understood that it was busy but that wasn't an excuse to not be civil. So we left.
Frustrated by the lack of customer services, we decided upon one of our favorite restaurants. We knew we could count on the cheerful demeanor of the staff and prompt service.

So we went to our favorite Thai food restaurant, Bangkok 9, on Stephanie Street in Henderson. We started with an appetizer of chicken satay and cucumber salad.

Spicy Noodles: stir-fried wide rice noodles with chili sauce, shrimp, squid, and chicken, with hot green chili and sweet basil leaves.

Crab Fried Rice: succulent pieces of real crab meat stir-fried with rice, eggs, and scallions.

My fortune. I always keep them because they have a way of coming true.

Finally, we were able to get some lunch--and really good food, too!


Anonymous said...

Hey, quit playing on your blog and get to doing some homework... LOL

BTW,all the pix of food are red X's.

Hello Daly said...

I really am doing my homework ;)

Annejelynn said...

CONGRATS on the new TOY!

Annejelynn said...

p.s. I just come here to listen to the kuhl tunnage! (j/k)

Hello Daly said...

Thanks, Annejelynn. I need to put some new tunes on here. Just haven't heard anything good lately.'s kinda hard for me to find any new music when I listen to the same group of CD's over and over and over and over and over...

Anonymous said...

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