Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mounted Shooting

This weekend we went to watch my husband's dad compete in a mounted shooting event near Pahrump. I had never witnessed such an activity and looked forward to attending the event the minute we were invited.

Way in the dusty outskirts of Vegas, past new and developing homes sandwiched together so close, they would have made for an effective "Please pass the Grey Poupon" commercial, was a good plot of land with several stables for horses.

My father-in-law is good friends with the man running this event. The man gave him a horse to ride and a gun whose value could've purchased me a really nice Dolce Gabanna bag (or two)!

There were people at the event from all ages, novice and experienced. The youngest appeared to be 7 years old and she was also competing in the event.

I am pretty proud of Johnny's dad for his involvement in this activity. Especially since he has passed his senior mark by several years but looking at him, I would not have guessed his age if it weren't for his gray hairs because he is still very active and fit. Often times, he and his wife do more in a day than Johnny and I can do sometimes in a week. They are constantly doing something, washing the cars, repairing the fence, planting and replanting plants, changing the oil on their cars, remodeling the bathroom--you name it, while running a business that makes authentic reproduction of Old West style leather goods, Western Star Leather.

So while Johnny, his mom and I chat on the sidelines, munching on two of my favorite snacks, jerky and sour apple rings, they started to set up balloons in two rows. There are different stages and this one is the first and easiest. The riders have to ride along one row and shoot the balloons and back up the other row, shooting those balloons and then past the timer. (By the way, they are shooting with blanks and I had my share of education about revolvers that day).

We weren't able to stay for the entire event but Johnny's dad placed third, I believe, out of all the competitors there. Not bad...not bad at all.

After that, my husband and I went to the Oyster Bar inside the Sunset Station Casino for lunch. I had a delicious bowl of creamy shrimp and crab roast and Johnny had a mega lobster sandwich. It was good! I'll post pics in my Food Journal soon.

Our holiday weekend wasn't without some sad news. Our friends who purchased a brand new home in the KB development near our house had their new appliances delivered to their house a couple days before moving in over this weekend. Mind you, this was about $4,500 worth of appliances--refrigerator, washer and dryer.

Nothing spoils a nice fresh start in a new home when you discover the front door kicked in and the new appliances STOLEN. Johnny and I were just sick to our stomachs when we heard the news. It felt as if WE had been violated. In disbelief, we asked them questions and after we hung up, our sadness for our friend's unfortunate event turned to anger.

How can someone simply steal things from people who have worked so hard to purchase and own? $4,500--gone in minutes, worse odds than a hand at the blackjack table I'm sure.
The police officers at the scene said this was not the first and isolated incident. Apparently several homes in that development had been broken into and stolen from in the same fashion and they suspected the construction workers. Who else would have known that some new appliances were delivered? And since there are few neighbors (they are all scattered through the development), there would be no witnesses to heinous act.

We hope our friends will be able to talk to KB's into replacing their appliances. The least the development company can do, KNOWING that these crimes had happened before, is warn our friends or hire security guards which is not an uncommon thing to do for developing new properties--probably for reasons like theft.

If not, I would be willing to pass out flyers to current homeowners and prospective buyers warning them to either protect their homes or not purchase a property in that development because KB will not take responsibility.


rolanda said...

yeah, i wanted to take my anger out on you! haha j/k.

but thankssss for the words of wisdom daly! i just need time, thats all..

we really miss you at the office! the new woman is nice, but she's definitely no DALY =(

Annejelynn said...

yes, 'miss you' is an understatement!