Monday, February 05, 2007

Goodbye PSY, Hello SER

Friday was my last day in the department where I worked for almost 2 1/2 years. I had started there as a student worker, then Clerical Trainee, then Administrative Assistant I, and finally Administrative Assistant II. I couldn't have done it without my friend and boss, Annejelynn, who gave me every opportunity she could to grow.

So on my last day, a group of us from the office went to Bahama Breeze for lunch. Like its name infers, the restaurant serves Caribbean cuisine. The last time I went with my husband, Johnny, we tried the mojito (made with real sugar cane juice) and one of the hottest jerk chicken wings.

This time, I chose the Lemon Breeze (lemonade with with fresh squeezed sugar cane juice) to quench my thirst. I would definitely need something refreshing to pair up with the grilled jerk chicken wings we ordered. This batch wasn't as hot as I remembered though I think the hot jerk chicken has been renamed to the habanero chicken.

I looked around the table and thought about how much I would miss everyone. The stories we shared and these people always had a way to make me smile (and laugh) at work.

My move was premature but the opportunity came and I had to make a tough decision in such a short amount of time.

The rest of lunch was delicious. I ordered the jerk painted wood-grilled mahi mahi. It came with a side of spicy tropical salad, fried bananas and cinnamon sweet potatoes (I thought the slices of fried plantains was a nice touch! It looked like rabbit ears.

Kashmir brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the ingredients to make one of my favorite drink, gin and tonic. (I could use one right now as I am sitting at my new desk, killing some time between work and my late class.)

I will miss you guys!

Then we were off to my goodbye party that Annejelynn put together so beautifully for me. Kashmir's flowers added a beautiful touch and Krista brought the yummy cake from Costco.

Of course I cried when I read the card from the department. I couldn't hide the fact that I was so grateful for all the caring, support, and kindness these people have given me. And now, as my parting gift, a beautifully engraved business card holder with a touching message and a generous gift card to my favorite store, Best Buy. My tears rolled and rolled. I was speechless and I hope they knew how much it saddened me to leave and how touched I was with them being there to wish me luck.

In a flash, the my last day in that department was over. I couldn't believe it as I walked out the door with my box of personal items. It wasn't that I would be gone forever but that I would sorely miss working with those people every day.

The weekend flew by even more quickly. Friday night, we head to our friends, Jason & Cinzia's house for dinner. Those guys are so much fun to hang around and, boy, do they like to drink! I don't think I've met another couple who can outdrink me...LOL!!

Sunday was my only free day with my sweet husband. We went to the gym together and I worked on the house and studied all day while Johnny washed and detailed my car and tended to the yard.

On our way back from the gym, we stopped by Whole Foods Market in the Green Valley District and there's never a shortage of ready-to-eat food there. The last time we went, we grabbed a buffet full of food and boy was it good (you'll have to check out the photos in my Food Journal)!!

Before I knew it, Monday rolled around and so it was the start of my first day at my new job. I will have to share this with you after my evening class.


KirkK said...

Hello Daly - I didn't know you had a food journal! I loved the photos.

Hello Daly said...

LOL...thank you, Kirk! Coming from the Food Blog King (yes, YOU), that means a lot to me though my food journal is nothing remotely like mmm-yoso. I wish I could write restaurant and food reviews like you. BTW--I think Vegas desperately needs something like your blog.

I think food is so pretty and I love to take pictures of what I eat when my husband and I got out and what we cook. When I cook, my creations are so unique, it'll never happen again so I always have to document them...LOL!!

rolanda said...

hi daly! so i made a blogger thing =]