Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life Anew

It is only the tenth day of January and I feel like there's a lot is going on already. It's not. Just all in my head--I'm sure. Nevertheless, it gives me something to mull about and, of course, post and share.

Our project, Revamp Lounge, is almost complete. We've painted the walls Mayan Treasure and one wall Royal Red, then installed a 5-light track lighting with amber shades to replace this low-hanging brass pendant thing (akin to this one but it had 5 lights and was more of a pentagon shape) light that was originally installed. (Let's just say it was not our style.) All we have left to do is hang 9 framed artwork of Michael Godard. We love his martini and olives collection. Our lounge looks like a whole different room despite not having the frames up. See the before and after pictures by clicking here.

Operation: Guest Bathroom will be our next project and I think I will try this virtual painter. I am thinking of painting with cool colors like Silvery Moon or Icy Bay to go with our light gray and dark charcoal towels and stainless steel bathroom accessories we received as our wedding gifts. I think this project will turn a dull bathroom into a calm place to primp in the mornings.

(As I am sitting here on the living room couch, my cat, Havi (who is pictured here taking a little nap with my husband) is sitting next to me, fixed intently on our TV and watching Alton Brown's Good Eats on the Food Network. She appears to be amused by his demonstrations, her eyes and head following his every move and the food in the blender going 'round and 'round with this look on her face. It's so funny, I've never seen her do that--as if she is actually interested in learning how to make Mighty Duck...LOL!! When the commercials came on, advertising a pickup trick, she got up and trotted off to go nap at the far end of the couch, where she still lies until I go to bed.)

Speaking of bed, I think it's time to do just that. I accepted a position in another department and gave notice in my current department today so there will be lots to do until my resignation. I need to be well rested and have energy for the next few weeks as the spring semester starts and I will be taking my last four classes needed to fulfill my finance degree requirements.

I have family from out-of-town visiting this holiday weekend so it will most definitely be a FULL weekend of entertaining, sightseeing, and catching up on each other's lives. Should I just sit them in front of my laptop and have them read my blog archives? ;)

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