Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Home Away From Vegas

We head to Lake Havasu this morning but not to run our boat. This time we begin our search for a rental property to invest in with the help of one of the best Realtors in Havasu.

As I dressed for the day, I reached for my nicer under clothing, a lacy pair of fuchsia panties and equally cute matching bra. I thought of what I had said to my mom as a budding teenager. While we were driving in my car when I asked her a hypothetical question, "Mom, if I got in a car accident and the medics had to cut off my clothes, I would be embarrassed if I was wearing holey underwear!".

To that, she laughed and days later, she purchased several pairs of new panties and bras for me. This morning, I didn't put on my newer undergarment because I feared embarrassment if I were to get in a car accident. I wore it because I decided that I should feel free to dress in the nicest things--even if the occasion was casual.

Why save these things for a rainy day? We should always indulge and enjoy in the simple things in life. Our fine china, silverware and glassware are not only for special ocassions.

On our way to Havasu on the US-95, Johnny made a spontaneous stop by a roadside stand selling beef jerky (one of my favorite snacks). We have been threatening to stop there every time we pass on the way to Lake Havasu and this time, we did.

We picked up three bags of Gus's Really Good Fresh Beef Jerky (I had sure hoped it was fresh and really good). I would have to say it was pretty good--moist and spicy but with the slices a little thicker than the standard, it was a little tough to chew.

I also had to grab a bag of some yummy dried mango. These dehydrated snacks weren't cheap, $8/bag of jerky and $7/bag of dried mangos. They were well worth it to have for the trip!

They also sold other items at the stand which appeared to be local goods like honey and canned olives and vegetables.

The rest of our trip was a breeze. We met with our Realtor, Michele and her husband, John. They had a beautiful home along the lake and the cutest little dog named, Gizmo, the same name Johnny had named his prize-winning cow when he was a junior in 4-H.

Michele and John drove us around the city as we walked through properties after properties. The first house (pictured at the top), was by far the best. Other houses were just plain scary--with the original orange and green carpets from the 70's!! Some of the houses we couldn't imagine that someone had lived there (who could live in some of these places). Meth addicts came to mind.

As the afternoon neared, we had made a decision on which home we would make an offer on and it was time to head for home but not without stopping by the Bob's Big Boy's for their classic burger and a chocolate coke to wash it down with! YUMM!!

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Annejelynn said...

holy moley! You didn't say a word! how exciting for you guys! YAY!