Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Holiday Weekend

This holiday weekend is not over but yet, we've had a full weekend from the best foods to some fun at Ghost Bar and Rain. It started when my sister, Bea, flew into town from Minnesota on Thursday night. Immediately, Havi took to her and her boyfriend, Tom, sitting on their laps and cuddling with them.

The next day, my sis made a breakfast of sunny side up garlic eggs with soy sauce with hot buttered french bread with which to dip into the egg yolk. Oh--YUM! I made cranberry margaritas, a recipe borrowed from Maggie, to top off our breakfast.
Later in the afternoon, Bea, Tom and I went to lunch at the Oyster Bar in the Sunset Station Casino. We had fresh oysters on the half shell and cajun shell-on shrimp. was the perfect comfort for the cold winter Friday.

Then we had to dash to the Lao Market to shop for some ingredients to make spring rolls and fried noodles. Not just any old spring rolls and fried noodles but one of my sister's best cooking!(Drooling). John and Maggie joined us for dinner. We had appetizers of hot salame and cheeses with coconut punch like the punch we had for our wedding (ginger ale, coconut milk, lime-aid, and malibu rum). I can't express how much I enjoyed cooking with my sister and having family gathering around eating the best Laotian food which have long since touched my lips.

Saturday morning, Tom's sister drove into town from Thousand Oaks, CA. Tom went with them to try his luck at gambling on the Strip while Bea and I went to get our nails done. By the time our nails were finished, were definitely hungry and ready to eat so we met them at Margaritaville for lunch.

By the time we got home, it was time to get ready for dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib Restaurant before we head to the Ghost Bar and Rain at the Palm's Casino.

This was the Jim Brady cut that Johnny ordered but it was too rare for him so I helped him eat it--OH. YUMM!! You can't tell here but it's about 21 oz. (?) extra thick cut that's for sure!

Couple hours later, we were 55 floors up with a panoramic view of Las Vegas from inside the Ghost Bar. It was my first time there and let me know you that it was...different.

We had much more fun after we ditched Ghost Bar and entered Rain. We drank and danced the rest of the night until it was almost 2 o'clock in the morning. (That's a late night for Johnny and I).
The rest of the weekend, my sister and I visited the Laos Market and made a lunch of traditional Laotian fare. I wish I could share more but this post would take up the entire site. You can catch more photos on my Picasa Web Album. All I can say was that it was good to see my sister again and we had so much fun together!


Anonymous said...

Please introduce your gorgeous sister to the doc that installed your sweet rack. Thank you.

Hello Daly said...

She already has a nice(r) rack. Thank you.